Welcome to the "Thébault Family," a family unlike any other, where everyone shares a passion for Wing Foiling and other watersports. From the youngest, Eulalie, to the grandparents, everyone is involved! Weekends are entirely dedicated to Wing Foiling - once the kids finish their homework, of course.

Discover the inspiring and passionate story of this family, fortunate to reside in Guadeloupe, where a deep-seated love for watersports spans generations. With Mahé, Arthur, and Eulalie poised as future champions, their dedication to mastering the waves is evident!

Join us as we delve into their world, how they juggle school, work, and their relentless pursuit of waterborne thrills. Experience their daily routines, training sessions, and moments of joy that showcase this family's unwavering enthusiasm and determination in their local Wing Foiling community. Get ready to be inspired by their passion and unwavering commitment to the waves!

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Sebastian Thebaut

Sebastian Thébault, Arthur and Eulalie´s father:

We had known for some time that Arthur Samzun was coming to Guadeloupe to film the boys. The plan was to capture the two cousins, Arthur and Mahé, but we quickly realized this was going to be a family story...

During each session, we were all on the water together. We all wanted to catch waves and to ride together, even if it was sometimes complicated to share the equipment between us.

Our goal was to showcase the most beautiful spots in Gwada despite the fickle wind and wave conditions. Quite often we had to ride in very light winds with beautiful waves – typical for Guadeloupe. Here, you must be able to fly in 8 knots of wind. During the documentary, the boys made great progress in light wind Wing Surfing, thanks to the top-notch gear, and they pulled off the best airs of their lives. 

Right time, right place! We crisscrossed the island in every direction, by car and by boat. Nature rewarded us well: an incredible rainbow during a shot at Pointe des Châteaux, despite the rough seas that nearly made us all seasick, and stunning sunsets at the surf spots. It was all worth it!

The footage produced by Arthur Samzun is absolutely stunning! Foiling just a few centimeters from Arthur's camera for the water shots was an amazing experience for the boys.

The joy of Wing Foiling is multiplied when it is shared with your family – for sure there is nothing better!

Thank you, Arthur and Margaux, for your good spirits and these incredible images!


Interview with the film producer Arthur Samzun:

What inspired you to make a film about the Thébault family and their passion for water sports? Can you tell us about your first encounter with the Thébault family and how it influenced the project?

I'm Arthur Samzun, an independent film maker and opinion leader for Duotone France. I met Jérôme, Mahé's father, during the Défi Wing 2023. He told me about Guadeloupe and its dream conditions for waves. Intrigued by this family where the father, grandfather, and son all participated in the Défi Wing, I learned they had even completed the trilogy of this famous race in 10 days (Wing, Wind, and Kite). True watermen, adept at all sports, this fascinated me. Jérôme then invited me to Guadeloupe to meet the rest of the family, and the next winter, we set off for 10 days of filming.

Can you share a memorable anecdote from the three weeks of filming in Guadeloupe? Were there any unexpected or funny moments during the shoot?

Like all siblings, there are squabbles, especially between Eulalie and Arthur (brother and sister). At 11 years old, Eulalie has a strong character. In this family of water enthusiasts, disputes often revolve around who has priority on a wave or who will be the first in "Tow In" to catch the best sets. Some days Mahé and Arthur even wanted to skip school because two-meter waves were forecasted for the next morning. They eventually managed to miss two days for this production. It's both amusing and fascinating to see them interact this way.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in capturing footage of waves and the family's activities? How did you manage the changing weather conditions?

Maybe it's not evident in the video, but we had trouble getting big swell. The weather conditions were changeable. I arrived just after the big swell of the winter, but we still managed to score some great wave sessions. Despite the light winds, thanks to the evolution of Duotone's equipment and the rider´s light body weights, they had no trouble riding in 8 to 10 knots with the Unit D/LAB 4.5 and the Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB 650, which allowed them to carve and gain speed in bigger waves too!

How would you describe the relationship between Mahé and Arthur, especially in terms of rivalry and friendship? Did you observe any particularly touching moments of competition between them?

I anticipated a significant rivalry to capture between the two cousins, Mahé and Arthur. Arthur is better is waveriding due to his surfing background, while Mahé is excelled in racing as he´s Kite Foiling at a young age. This wasn't the case at all. They see each other as brothers and have spent countless hours together since childhood. For them, everything is a game - they simply want to enjoy themselves together. They inspire and challenge each other, which explains their progress. They also get inspiration from others, especially windsurfers. The airs they execute in the video they learned in just two sessions by watching windsurfers.

Arthur Lezan
Arthur Lezan

How have the parents influenced the children's passion for the sea and boardsports? Do you have examples of moments when the parents shared their love of the sea with their children?

The parents are true water enthusiasts. Cécile, Seb, Jérôme, and Michelle were hooked from the start, also competing in events. They passed this passion down to their children, who were windsurfing before they could walk. Living in Guadeloupe provides a natural playground with tropical temperatures year-round, consistent waves, and wind. I recall a memorable session where the entire family, including the grandfather, was out on the water together. Eight wings catching waves occasionally caused tension with other surfers on the spot: -)

What message do you hope viewers will glean from this video about the Thébault family?

I hope viewers will be inspired by the Thébault family's story to see the power of passion, dedication, and unity in pursuing their love for water sports. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me all the tips for riding in perfect conditions. What board sports enthusiast doesn't dream of sharing moments like these with their children? I hope that the vision of the "Thébault Family" will be conveyed as I experienced it through this video and will inspire others to continue their passion for the ocean and board sports, passing it on to future generations with all the values that come with it!