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Brazil Road Trip

Embarking on a Brazilian adventure, the entire Suardiaz family - with Nia's parents and her brother Leo - rallied to support her in the final GWA event of the year in Cumbuco. Not only did Nia shine, but Leo, along with Aleks and Tom Acherer, also competed, making it a true family affair.

Images & video by Javier Sánchez

Families Brazil

The Brazil Road Trip was meticulously planned together with the Acherer Twins, Aleks & Tom, their father Claus and Beat Stefan (Dr. Beat), a longtime friend of both families who also serves as a coach for the youngsters. All of them live in Tarifa and get along very well.

With a shared love for Wing Foiling, it became the ideal journey to not only indulge in their passion but also discover new spots together.

The North Coast of Brazil is considered to be the stretch of land which runs roughly from Fortaleza, in Ceará state, to Sao Luis, in Maranhão state. This route is known locally as the Rota das Emoções, the Route of Emotions as the coastal route is so contrasting.

Nia Mug Shot Close Brazil

»It's been an incredible journey! The freestyle sessions, the strong winds, and sharing the experience with my favorite mates and family – I had the time of my life! «

— Nia Suardiaz

For the boys, it was their first visit to Brazil, whereas Nia and her parents had explored the country before. Initially, Nia's family planned to accompany her on this trip to witness her being crowned Double World Champion at the year's final event and, of course, to enjoy some family time on the water. However, as the group found themselves together as a fantastic team, the idea of a road trip feature quickly emerged, and everyone embraced it with enthusiasm!

After the event, their journey continued along the North Shore to Taiba, Prea, and Jeri, presenting them with challenging conditions on certain days but ensuring lots of fun!

In Prea Erik Scheidt has joined the crew for a bit. The youngsters first connected at the Young Blood Invitational Camp in Tarifa back in October, and they hit it off.

Team Brazil Action
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»The laid-back lifestyle in Brazil is super cool. Wing Foiling all day and savoring Acai at night – what more could one ask for?«

— Aleks & Tom Acherer
Leo Brazil

»My favorite spot in Brazil was Taiba. We stayed at this amazing Pousada, where we made lots of new friends.«

— Leo Suardiaz