Which surfboard fuels passion to ride? Our wave team share their thoughts.

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Duotone Kiteboarding Surfboards2020 Airton Cozzolino

No-one can guarantee wind or waves, but for 2020, we can give you the right tools to make sure that when they do show up you’ll have the perfect session time after time. 

The passion and precision poured into this years line of kite-surf boards by Sky Solbach has got our wave riders chomping at the bit and beyond stoked. Currently out in Mauritius, we wanted their thoughts on the boards. Six phone calls later, all of them filled with excitement for the range, we can finally share what these absolute shredders had to say. 

Airton Cozzolino

“Sky has delivered a pure, strapless freestyle board that has changed my life and opened doors for my own progress and performance, swell as anyone looking to ride this style.”

‘The PRO VOKE was introduced as we grew the kite-surf strapless freestyle discipline. I always knew that I could bring the twin tip trick-list to surfboards. The new construction and updated design features are amazing. The Responsive Flex construction is powerful, agile and versatile. The channels slice through the water and the speed vs control ratio is balanced. It’s perfect for me and anyone looking to get into strapless freestyle. 

‘When it comes to wave riding the PRO SESSION 5’8” is my board of choice. It took me to the top in Mauritius and can handle my input in critical situations. It sticks through the power bottom turns and attacks the lip. The redefined outline and construction this year is great in strong winds and can handle the chop that big waves bring.’

Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Airton Cozzolino Surboard

Matchu Lopes

‘The 2020 PRO WAM is the Ferrari of the kite-surf world. It’s a classic surf shape that I can pop, get the fins out and spin 360 in the air.’

Duotone Kiteboarding Matchu Lopes Surfboards 2020

The PRO WAM 5’7” is the first big board I’ve chosen to use. It’s a Ferrari. You can take it anywhere, to any wave and it delivers what I want even in the most critical sections. It’s as good in strapless freestyle as it is in the waves and I can even paddle surf with it. It’s a classic surf shape that I can pop, get the fins out and spin 360 in the air.

It’s a completely new shape this year. Sky has moved the widest point forwards and it never catches a rail. The bottom part is narrow for carves, turns and fins out. 

The widest part is super cool for two things; support and speed. If I need to advance and reach the next section of the wave all I have to do it push down on my front foot to gain speed. Then when I want to perform I put my weight back on the tail and make my moves. 

The squash tail is super effective, it really follows my lead. I can go vertical, carve tight bottom turns and when there’s turbulence on the wave the board is very stable. 

Second to the PRO WAM is the PRO WHIP, perfect for small to medium waves and great for strapless freestyle. The PRO WAM is more of a performance wave riding board where I can really be critical and aggressive in my riding. It can also hold bigger sized waves and has lot of drive in the tail. The PRO WHIP, is fun, forgiving and all better in light wind and smaller waves. 

Patri McLaughlin

‘The PRO SESSION is my go-to board when the waves get overhead’

‘The PRO SESSION is a really good board for big, fast and hollow waves, handling choppy conditions really well. For 2020, the rocker line is a bit flatter and rails quite a bit straighter, both features the keep you super connected to the wave face. This year we decided to add a bite more curve in the rail near the nose to make turns easier. We also added quad fins which give the board more stability at high speeds and faster in general. The PRO SESSION is my go-to board when the waves get over head. When the waves are a bit smaller I’d switch to the PRO WAM which is lighter and a big more agile’

Duotone Kiteboarding Patri McLaughlin Surfboards

Seb Ribeiro

‘The PRO FISH is as close to surfing you’ll ever get on a kite.’

Duotone Kiteboarding Seb Ribeiro Surfboards2020

The PRO FISH is pure surfing in light wind and small waves. There's so much volume that makes every ride effortless. Its ‘fish’ shape makes it loose, surf-like and perfect if you’re starting out in strapless. 

When waves are still small but I’m overpowered, I use the 5’2” WHIP in the standard Bamboo Tech construction. Less volume than the PRO version, the bamboo makes it stiffer and therefore easier to engage the edge in the bottom turn.

Olivia Jenkins

‘The 5’7” PRO WAM is the same size and shape as my paddle surfboard. I can transfer my surfing to kitesurfing, I love how it bridges that gap for me.'

“The PRO WAM is the perfect all-rounder with a standard squashed tail that’s the most similar to a surfboard design. For 2020 it’s much lighter and with increased volume to length ratio, you can really feel how the updates benefit performance.

As it’s designed for all conditions, it’s very cool that there a many sizes to suit all shape and size of riders, even the groms. The 5’3” and 5’5” are for the lighter and younger riders. The 5’7 works well for females like myself (i’m 130lbs) and guys would enjoy the 5’9” and 5’11”. 

A standard day during the winter season at home on Maui is around 3ft. I love that the PRO WAM is whippy and easy in onshore conditions yet fast down the line at another spot where the wave runs better. It can deliver tight bottom turns, snappy at the lip and throws a lot of spray. It’s a true Maui board. 

The lighter construction for 2020 is really durable - believe me, I take a lot of hits and crashes. I like a lighter board as it’s more agile, snappy and doesn’t speed wobble through bottom turns. It’s always engaged and is soft underfoot. The extra volume makes it feel surfy, it’s a super progressive design.

When the waves get big I use the PRO SESSION 5’8” to hold down the face of the wave where it can get a bit bumpy. The flatter rails and extra weight make a significant difference especially when I want to do long drawn out carves. 

When the wind is light and the waves small, it’s all about the PRO FISH. It’s smooth, playful, forgiving, easy to transition and perfect to learn on.”

Duotone Kiteboarding Olivia Jenkins Surfboards2020

James Carew

 ‘I come from surfing background so I really like how the PRO WHIP is stable under my feet, especially for strapless freestyle; it’s also a little ripper in the waves with a lot of kick to it.’ 

Duotone Kiteboarding James Carew Surfboards2020

PRO Whip is our jumping board in all range but also perfect for those who want to ride waves. Awesome for strapless freestyle because it has the cut-off nose, more surface area than and traditional surfboard so it stays stuck to your feet through all the tricks. It’s also a little ripper in the waves with a lot of kick to it. It’s super fun in small waves. Short punchy sessions, that's what it’s about.
I come from surfing background so I really like something that’s stable under my feet in strapless freestyle, but I love getting in the waves to kick a little shred session. I love that little board.
Pretty tough on my gear as I land hard and I'm quite a bit bigger than other people. The extra rocker really helps cut to the water when you land, which is important for my style. I like to put a lot of pressure through the rails on the wave and through the turns and the PRO WHIP holds well and doesn’t skip out. When competing in Mauritius, the PRO WHIP was really fun, super technical and my board of choice in under head high. When the waves got overhead I rode the WAM, for more rail and support underfoot. But generally I'd stick with the PRO WHIP as you can pretty much do anything you want that board.”