Welcome to DUOTONE!
Join us entering a new era of
true kiteboarding & true windsurfing!

It’s true: Boards & More is bidding farewell to North Kiteboarding and North Sails Windsurfing and has launched an new, true and undefeated brand: DUOTONE!

Duotone Kiteboarding Airton Wave
Duotone Windsurfing Marco Jordy

Because every session has to be the best! Out of this inspiration, we want to enhance your personal experience of true kiteboarding and true windsurfing. Therefore we develop the most innovative and high-quality kiteboarding and windsurfing products for sports that we all love. Enter the world of DUOTONE right now!

True Kiteboarding

True Windsurfing


So everything becomes anew and at the same time remains 100 % unaffected and reliable. Starting August 2018 the Boards & More kite and windsurfing rig division develops and distributes all products under the new name DUOTONE.

All values which we are known for – like high-end technologies, unrivalled quality, continuous development and unbridled passion – remain the guiding philosophies on our new journey and keep on pointing the way on our new direction!

And of course: the complete developement, production, distribution, and athletes teams will remain on board in order to guarantee you the best and high-performance products on the market.

Duotone Windsurfing Gollito Estredo
Duotone Kiteboarding Aaron Hadlow


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True Kiteboarding

True Windsurfing