Academy App: Introducing SPOTS

When arriving at a new kite spot, having local insight or even a pal with you can make all the difference. And the best part? Meeting new kite buddies is now just a few clicks away.

The Duotone Kiteboarding Academy App has always been aimed at connecting our Kiteboarding Community. After its launch in 2019, the App quickly became an essential tool for kiters worldwide. Being home to over 180.000 users from 154 countries, it offers tips and tricks for each kiteboarding discipline and the possibility to connect with other kiters and Duotone athletes. Introducing the new SPOTS feature in the Academy App, we've taken it a step further to bring our kite community even closer together!


With SPOTS, you can now CHECK IN at a new kite spot, share your location with riders around you, and search any spot to see who's riding in real-time. The DIRECT MESSAGE feature lets you send other riders private messages and helps you contact users who have marked the spot as their HOME SPOT. Local riders will be more familiar with local rules and regulations like particular kite zones or where to launch and land your kite. Or are there any obstacles to watch out for, like some hidden rocks lurking in the water, or does the wind get fluky most days at a particular time, etc.? Or simply message riders close to you to arrange a meet-up for a session!

All these functions that the new SPOTS feature offers aim to help you with every step of the way for your first session at a new location. Simply log in and search for the spot you want to go kiting. The App will show you the precise location with the option to save it for the future and/or be navigated there via Google Maps. Additionally, to get a clearer picture of what the spot looks like, you can go through content (photos and videos) that other App users have posted on THE STAGE. Thanks to the new SPOTS feature, users can now TAG LOCATIONS when uploading content.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out the Academy App for the new feature, and train with your new buddies today!