Academy App Workouts with Rita Arnaus

The Duotone Academy, in collaboration with Porsche Motorsports, has just released 250 new workout additions to the Duotone Academy App.

With routines designed to improve your sessions on the water, and build strength and agility, international athlete Rita Arnaus, personal trainer Nicholas Borgatti and international freestyle and Wing Foiler, Stefan Spiessberger are there to guide you through each exercise and give you their pro tips.


With winter fast approaching in the Northern hemisphere, there is no better time to download these new exercises so you are fully prepared for the next trip or upcoming session!


Join unique daily routines with specific warm-ups before each session to elevate heart rate, increase circulation and increase blood flow to the relevant muscles, followed by workouts that focus on all the important muscle groups relevant to help you perform at your best.

With each workout routine featuring three levels of intensity, there is something for every level and age group.

 Let’s take a closer look at some of the new workout routines available now:

BURN YOUR LEGS! is a TRX leg workout designed to improve stability and develop explosive leg strength. It’s an ideal exercise for every level of kiteboarder and an especially important strength for freestylers. Increased leg strength will provide additional stamina for longer sessions and will be transformative when loading up for big airs and when dealing with repeated, heavy, fast landings.


Each exercise consists of a 45-second workout with a 15-second recovery to keep the intensity and heart rate up. It covers eight exercises, including squats, supermen, pistol squats, park leg spreaders, squat and twist, mountain climbers, pistol squats and jumping squats. As the title suggests your legs will be burning after this one.

Want to work on your abs and core? Then we have the workout for you! Building a strong core is a game changer. It improves balance and stability, so for everything from improving your stance to nailing technical tricks, developing a tight core and abdomen will yield impressive results.


The ABS 1 workout consists of several exercises in 45-second bursts with 15 seconds recovery intervals. This exhilarating workout guides you through hip and leg raises, flutter kicks, planks, chair sit-ups and more, which will have your core burning!

Following each session is the Cool Down, with a focus on stretching and body regeneration. 


The newly added GAMES SECTION has unique routines for both individuals and pairs working to sharpen your senses and response time


The Game INCREASE YOUR REFLEX has been designed to stimulate the senses, improve reaction time from visual stimulus and sound, and strengthen body coordination to keep you sharp and improve problem-solving and awareness. All of these benefits will improve decision-making. With a partner, stand one meter apart. With one holding a tennis ball, they throw the ball at a moderate speed in any direction and the other must catch the tennis ball before its second bounce. The person catching can move freely, but one leg must remain anchored to the ground. The anchored leg is declared at the beginning of the game by the one throwing. 

For each game on the App, there are added variants to mix it up, keep it fresh, and increase the difficulty as you progress. Begin the game with the person throwing facing the catcher and then add difficulty with the person initiating the throw of the ball, standing behind the executor. This game stimulates the senses, strengthens body coordination and increases your reaction time, incorporating both your visual senses and your hearing. These are invaluable tools needed across an array of challenges that kiteboarding delivers us in every session, whether it’s having to react to wind gusts, or navigate challenging waters with breaking waves. During our sessions on the water, we are constantly having to access our environment and make quick decisions.


Accompanying these newly released Games and Workouts is an entire catalogue of MOVEMENT EXERCISES with a focus to increase body mobility and strengthen the muscles you’ll need on the water.


FIT & FLEXIBLE is a lower-body workout that focuses on improving your hip mobility. Whether you're new to kiteboarding or an experienced rider, a healthy, flexible hip will improve your experience. From upwind performance to rotations in jumps, your hips are a key component to unlock many moves within kiteboarding and with this workout, you’ll be working towards increasing your mobility and performance while reducing the likelihood of injury or pain.

Utilizing a TRX, rubber bands, balls, skipping ropes and bodyweight, the Academy workouts require minimal equipment and offer the ability to perform these exercises almost anywhere and at your convenience!


Whether you are looking to prevent injury, get into better kiting shape or push to that next level in your riding, the Duotone Academy features a wide variety of exercises at every level.