When it comes to freeride equipment, you want a sail that combines performance, durability, and versatility. Introducing the E_PACE and E_PACE SLS where performance, durability, versatility and also ease of use are at the center of what these products embody. The E_PACE has been solidly at the center of our freeride range for many years, but in striving to always bring you better products, E_PACE SLS was released in 2023. It is important to note that the E_PACE SLS is not merely the E_PACE but in a different construction, but actually a completely different sail. The development of the E_PACE SLS started from a blank canvas and took more than one and a half years of development. From luff curve to profile distribution, draft location and twist pattern, there are some big differences between the E_PACE and E_PACE SLS so let’s dive into it.


E_PACE 2024


E_PACE: Unleash Your Potential

The E_PACE is a high-performance no-cam sail designed for athletic freeriding. It offers powerful acceleration, effortless planing without pumping, and top-end performance. Its versatile design, with a 3 IN 1 DESIGN and wide trim points, allows for optimal performance across a wide range of wind conditions. Whether for leisure cruising or competitive speed, it delivers crisp handling, control, and confidence. Additionally, it features a special clew eyelet for improved positioning during foiling.


The E_PACE blends acceleration and power with playful handling, making it a favourite among freeride enthusiasts. Here are some key features of the E_PACE:


1. Acceleration Power: The E_PACE accelerates like an electric motor, allowing you to get into motion without any pumping. This feature is ideal for riders who want immediate responsiveness and speed.


2. Versatility: One of the strengths of the E_PACE is its versatility. With a 3 IN 1 DESIGN that allows for a wide range of trim settings, you can adjust the sail to suit different wind conditions. Whether you're facing light winds or stronger gusts, the E_PACE can deliver optimal performance.


3. Ease of Use: Rigging the E_PACE is easy, and it starts planing effortlessly. This user-friendly design ensures that you spend more time enjoying the water and less time struggling with setup.


4. Trim Options: The sail offers MIN and MAX trim points, giving you control over its performance characteristics. The MIN setting emphasizes powerful acceleration and lightness, while the MAX trim setting enhances speed and control, even in overpowered conditions.



E_PACE SLS: Take Your Riding to the Next Level

The E_PACE SLS is the epitome of speed and agility, born from nearly two years of intensive development. It boasts a racy feel similar to the S_PACE or WARP_FIN, yet remains stable with an open leech design. Utilizing advanced materials like CARBON XPLY and a strategic panel layout, it maximizes wind energy conversion without sacrificing control. With a weight reduction of 500g, it's the lightest no-cam freerace sail on the market. However, its increased pre-shaping demands higher outhaul tension and a more active jibing technique. The E_PACE SLS guarantees unparalleled performance backed by a 5-year warranty, setting a new standard in freerace sailing.



The E_PACE SLS takes the performance of the E_PACE to the next level, offering a no-cam freerace sail that is lighter, faster, and more durable. Here's what sets the E_PACE SLS apart:


1. Lightweight Construction: The E_PACE SLS is designed to be the lightest no-cam freerace sail on the market. Despite its lightweight nature, it maintains durability, thanks to innovative design choices and materials like CARBON XPLY and regular XPLY strategically placed for optimal performance.


2. Racy Feeling: With a more forward-oriented draft position, the E_PACE SLS delivers a racy feeling similar to high-performance sails like the S_PACE or WARP. This design ensures improved acceleration and power, making it ideal for riders seeking speed and agility.


3. Enhanced Control: The design of the E_PACE SLS includes features like a slightly more open leech and intelligent use of materials to prevent uncontrollable power while maximizing wind energy conversion into forward motion. This translates to enhanced control and stability, even at high speeds.


4. Performance Innovation: Duotone's extensive development process for the E_PACE SLS resulted in a sail that offers improved acceleration, top-end speed, and overall performance without sacrificing low-end capabilities. It's a sail that excels in a wide range of conditions, making it a top choice for competitive riders.


Both the E_PACE and E_PACE SLS represent cutting-edge performance in the freeride / freerace category. The E_PACE caters to riders looking for a versatile, user-friendly sail with excellent acceleration and handling. On the other hand, the E_PACE SLS targets enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance, lightweight construction, and a racier feel on the water.


Ultimately, your choice between these sails will depend on your specific preferences and riding style. Whether you prioritize ease of use and versatility or crave the ultimate in speed and control, we have crafted sails that are sure to take your riding to the next level.