Maria Andrés



Maria Andrés

Coast of Cádiz, in Zahora


Sail No.



Date of birth?

Birthplace   ?
Cadiz, Spain

Currently living in?
My longest base during the year is located somewhere in the Coast of Cádiz. I've spend some years in Valdelagrana, some in La Barrosa, some in El Palmar or Tarifa... I have been changing and trying out, but now, I have discovered the little corner in the Cadiz coast that i like the most, where I'm going to be this winter and where I have had my base during the last 4 years. It is located in a little beach between the infamous windsurf spot of Los Caños de Meca and the infamous surf spot El Palmar, so the location is just perfect!

Started Windsurfing?

People you like to sail with?
Family and close friends, or anyone that is enjoying it with a big smile!

Favorite Spot?
Hookipa and Caños

Favorite food?
Pizza, Poke, Açaí, Sushi and soups.

Favorite magazine?
SUPING Magazine, of course, I am Co-Editor, haha. I love all windsurf Magazines actually. They all have a different angle and view to transmit the stories and the sport.

Photos and writing stories about trips, SUP, surf, guitar and ukulele, singing…

I’d love to have a big friendly dog traveling with me, but it seems complicate and expensive, so I don’t have any pet for now.

Why Duotone?
I really like the products. Duotone makes a great effort to keep on improving performance and quality while make it light. This makes them so nice and easy to use, allowing you to improve and perform. On top of it, their products are resistant and I like the designs, so it is a perfect combination! I think Duotone also have fantastic team riders. Not only the best ones in the world, but also beautiful people inside, who really transmit, what this sport is about!

What is your TRUE Windsurfing moment?
When I am waiting outside for a set, after a super wave and still full of stoke. I realize what I am doing, where I am and how happy and lucky I am to be doing, what I like the most. Then, I laugh loud out there, haha. This is pure happiness that only windsurfing can offer me.

What does TRUE mean to you?
To me, it means the real connection to the ocean. Not the personal challenge to improve, the aim of success or anything like that. I think the TRUE Windsurfing stoke is something that anyone with whatever level or age can experience, if they have real passion for the sport. And this is what makes windsurfing so great, that no matter what level you practice it, it can give you so much stoke!

What do you want to be remembered for?
Hmmm… I guess for pursuing life TRUE to my passion, choosing not the easy and conventional life, but the life that makes me REAL and happy.



Maria Andrés


Maria Andrés


1st - Overall IWT Wave World Tour
AWSI Female Windsurfer of the Year 2019
1st - IWT Wave Topocalma Infernal, Chile
3rd - IWT Wave Pistol River Wave Bash
1st - IWT Pacasmayo Classic, Peru


2nd Overall IWT Wave World Tour

5th PWA Wave World Tour Morocco

1st IWT Wave Baja California, Mexico

1st IWT Wave Matanzas, Chile

5th IWT Wave Aloha Classic, Maui



5th IFCA World Champ Slalom 2016



IFCA Vice World Champ Slalom 2015

7th PWA World Cup Ulsan Slalom 2015



4th Slalom PWA overall

4th Slalom PWA Worldcup Noumea

6th Wave PWA Maui Aloha Classic

5th PWA Turkmenistan, Slalom, 2014

3rd IFCA Worlds Açores, Slalom, 2014


Maria Andrés