Duotone_Windsurfing_ecofriendly products

We strive to reduce the use of resources of all kinds to a minimum

We make a significant contribution by keeping production processes as sustainable as possible, limit transportation, search for recycable material, reduce packaging and last but not least built high quality products to last.

Admittedly, because of the material requirements of sails, sustainability is not an easy subject for us. However, wherever it is possible to avoid unnecessary impact to the environment, we reduce the use of resources of all kinds to a minimum and:

> Built products to last

> Use sustainable productions

> Search for recycable material

> Reduce packaging

> Limit transportations


durable PRODUCTS & guarantee

Our products should last. It’s a simple as that. On areas that will be exposed to extra wear, our designers must look for ways to make them even more durable and in case easily reparable.

All our products go through rigorous testing, revising and re-testing. Nothing makes it to market without long hours in the field.

We believe in this course of action, there for we offer you the a quality guarantee no other brand offers anything comparable:

5 (2+3) year warranty - for almost all sails

2 year unconditional warranty - for allmost all rig component 


production facilities

We believe the best things are done together, as a team. We work closely with our partners at all stages of our production chain. We’ve built up relationships that have spanned decades and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Trust and respect don’t just benefit us and our suppliers; they mean we can create the best products for you.


By collaborating with a company which uses only solar energy and can demonstrate completely CO2-neutral production, we make a significant contribution to keeping products and production processes as sustainable as possible.


packaging & transport

We strive to minimize the footprint of our shipping whenever possible. Our primary objectives are to make our packaging smaller and lighter so less fuel is consumed transporting our products and to eliminate air shipments.

Plastic free packaging
We are the only brand that packages all of our sails without the use of plastic films and foam
packaging, which saves around five square metres of PVC film and foam for each individual sail packaging.

National partners
In order to reduce unnecessary transportation, we rely on our national partners as often as possible.
And this is especially true for booms and extensions. We are the only brand that produces these primarily in Germany, using 100 % European raw materials in order to keep shipping distances to a minimum.