The Duotone Academy’s mission is to make your wing foiling journey smoother, faster and safer and we’re stoked to just have added 14 new tricks into the video library so you can stick a few new exciting moves under your belt in no time!

The wing foiling season is in full swing and we’re hoping that you’ll get to spend a lot of time on the water! With a growth rate that’s just mind-blowing, our sport is continuously reaching new heights. It’s not surprising though, given that it is simply THE best sport, right?

We are sure these 9 new Freestyle and 5 new Jumping tricks will have you frothing. Several of these moves were invented by waterman Henning Nockel such as the “Walk the Dog” and the “Cowboy Jibe”. Known and loved in the industry for his super creative approach to wingfoiling and everything he does, Henning is all about having the best time on the water and in life in general. It’s your turn now to get creative by mastering some of these moves and adding them to your bag of tricks. Check’em out:



Walk the Dog

Walking the Dog is one of the most fun and creative moves on the water. And don’t worry, you don’t need a dog to pull it off ;) just your wing and a few basic skills, yew!


Walk the Dog Tack

This move is the natural progression from Walking the Dog. If you want to learn one of the most laid-back ways to tack, get the hang of this one and style away.

Heelside Jibe Ducked

Moving your wing up and over to the upwind side before going into the jibe, looks pretty darn cool and helps to maintain speed after changing direction.


Toeside Jibe Ducked

Just like the Heelside Jibe Ducked, this trick requires you to duck underneath your wing before going into the jibe. It looks super stylish and when executed well, it ensures the wing is well powered once you come out of your jibe.


Wingpass Jibe

This trick is one of the most fun ways to jibe that makes you stand out from the crowd by passing the wing behind your back whilst carving through your jibe. 


Ducked Toeside Jibe Wingspin 

Spice up your ducked toeside jibe with a wingspin. This move looks epic and perfectly shows the endless possibilities of wing foiling.


Wingflip Jibe

If you already have your duckjibe dialled, try this fun and progressive version of it that adds a 540-degree wing rotation.


Cowboy Jibe

Well, just when you thought you already have the coolest tricks in your bag, check out the Cowboy Jibe. Trust us, this trick will have you standing out no matter who’s winging around you, even in a field of pros.


360 Back to Wing

This is a fairly advanced carving manoeuvre that requires complete control over your foil and wing. Originating from windsurfing, it feels great to master it and it looks super hot too!




As one of the most advanced and spectacular aerial manoeuvres in wing foiling, the Backflip is also one of the most dangerous ones. Thus, please make sure you have other advanced jumps on lock before attempting it plus wear protective gear.


Frontside 180 Bodyspin (Ducked)

Add to your bag of transitions the super stylish Frontside 180 Bodyspin. It’s well worth the effort to nail this one!


Straight Air Melon Grab

Across many board sports, the Melon Grab is without a doubt one of the best-looking grabs. And the greatest news about it: Holding the grab and tweaking it to the max isn’t nearly as hard as you might think!


Table Frontside 360 Bodyspin

If you want to add some new exciting body spin variations to your regular spins, try the Table Frontside 360 Bodyspin. It looks cool and we promise you, you’ll love the feeling of it!



If you froth on strong winds and going big, the Pushloop will without a doubt become one of your favourite moves. As long as you got the Frontside 360 nailed first, there’s nothing standing in your way to send it with this trick

Number Trick points
1 Heelside jibe ducked 200
2 Toeside jibe ducked 200
3 Walk the dog 300
4 Walk the dog tack 325
5 Ducked toeside jibe wingspin 350
6 Wingpass jibe 375
7 Wingflip jibe 425
8 Cowboy jibe 425
9 Straight air melon grab 425
10 360 back to wing 450
11 Frontside 180 bodyspin (ducked) 500
12 Table frontside 360 bodyspin 525
13 Pushloop 550
14 Backflip 600