Secret Superstars

Secret Super Start No. 2:

José Miguel Fernandez started windsurfing just about the time his famous son Victor was born. Since then, a lot has changed...


Hola José Miguel, when did you change farming for the beach?

Hola Duotone, when Victor was 5 years old, he started windsurfing. I built up a windsurfing school in Almerimar and my wife opened a shop. In those years, everything started and we decided to quit farming and live at the beach.


What's your job at the VF Center?

I am responsible for the management. I am also going windsurfing with students and guests, together with my other son Miguel.

What's the goal of the VF Center and the VF Club?

Both center and club have a great ambition to introduce windsurfing to the kids and youngsters here in Almerimar. We are on the right path, as every year our sport gets more popular in El Ejido. People love being surrounded by nature and the sea. Another aim of our work here is to become an internationally known spot like Tarifa, for example.    


What do you love most about working at the center?

The best thing is being surrounded by young people, they make you feel younger as well hahahah. Plus they have this great spirit of progression and learning which keeps me motivated. Another thing why I like my work, is that you can be on the water every day - windsurfing yourself or teaching.


Hi Víctor, why is your dad a Super Star?

Víctor Fernandez: He is very calm and patient in everything he does. He can always motivate me.

Hi Miguel (Victor's younger brother), what do you admire your dad most for?

The quality I respect him most for, is his calmness whatever comes. He is a very patient person seeing things in the right way.

Another thing I admire, is his positive midset. He always makes you smile, thats why I love talking to him.



Pictures: VF Center; "Entre mares" - Victor's biography; the Fernandez family