Discover team duotone - Marco Lang



Due to COVID-19, travelling is severely restricted. How do you keep yourself in shape at the moment?

In the last few years I only had been at home for a very short time. I was constantly travelling the world. To be honest, I really enjoyed spending more time with my family again.

Austria is fortunately showing itself from its windiest side at the moment, which means I get on the water three times a week on average! I had a lot of good sessions at my home spot, but still - I can’t wait to get back to competition mode as soon as possible and I really hope that the PWA in Marignane will take place in October. I'm using the time at home with my coach to improve my physical fitness and to be in top shape for this first and probably last event 2020.

Looks like there will be only that one event this year. Is one better than none?

Of course, I'm super happy that there will be at least one event, but to grant a World Title after one event, is a bit unfair in my opinion.

If there is only one elimination and you are unlucky with broken material or a crash, your position from last year is lost at once.

I have fought so hard to return to the TOP 10 in 2019 and this could be lost within one unlucky moment. To be honest, I don't want to think too much about it, I will take it as it comes and then give 120%.

Might riders, who are currently living in landlocked countries, have a training gap? Other riders who live close to the ocean have been windsurfing during all that time?

“Lakesurfers” definitely have a disadvantage compared to other riders who live directly by the sea. But I think Sebastian Kördl, who also grew up at the lake, and I have proved several times that we can also sail at the top of the world ranking. Ambitious goals and hard work are key factors to success.

Saying that is easy. What keeps your spirit up through all the uncertainty and setbacks you had to suffer from? e.g. 2018

I use the long "break" to prepare myself for next year. I do a lot of sports in the gym with my coach, on my mountain bike and I go windsurfing a lot. The time at home with my family gives me a lot of strength and so I go into the next season strengthened and well prepared.


You are mostly known as a World Cup sailor. How did your career in the Duotone R&D team start?

During the past couple of years, I have built up myself a key position in the Duotone R&D, working as "Chief Tester". It was important for me to have a second job besides my career as a professional windsurfer. Fortunately, development and racing can be combined very well. Of course, I don't have the amount of training days on the water like many of my competitors, but with my knowledge of tuning and equipment rigging, I can make up for a lot.

Have the limitations of COVID-19 affected the development of the upcoming freeride and race range?

The development cannot stop. The wave team (Adam Lewis, Victor Fernandez and Marc Paré) has been stuck on Maui together with Kai Hopf since March and could work on new prototypes. I hope that I can travel to Maui in October myself and continue with the freeride sails.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Currently it is almost impossible to make plans, so I plan from month to month. I hope that the economy will recover quickly and that a vaccine against Corona will be developed. For the next five years I want to continue working for Duotone, because I want to stay in the surfing industry after my career.