Tridem for world record

That's the logic of the TRIDEM. You might have seen pictures from recent Defi Wind events.

The crew around captain Filippi now wants more. Not just more. The World Speed Record.


Ambitious target, but where there's a will, there's a way.

The crew is training hard and got the World Champion on board...







The Official Team

We are Daft Punk of windsurfing- we want to stay anonymous!!


The star of the new team is Pierre Mortefon. He’s really excited to join the Tridem Team trying to beat the World Speed Record… After his slalom world title, this will be a new challenge for him.


We train every day. We drink beers and eat big burgers to look like Bjorn one day. For the moment, with Regis, we only weight 65 kilos in average…

The Start

We were riding a tandem with Regis Bouron during the Défi Wind in Gruissan and a good friend, Matthieu, wanted to join us on the board. That was the beginning of this crazy story…

The Ride

Jibing or tacking is not really important because we just need to go straight during the run…

Crashing really depends on if you are riding on the nose or on the back of the board. On the nose, you are really in the wrong place!! Loops? No!! We are totaly focus on the speed record, but we all are waveriders (except Pierre) So… everything is possible!!

The Weapons

We are suppose to use the new WARP 2020. It’s the best weapon if we actually want to expose Antoine Albeau.

This machine is built to go fast!! Pierre Bracar, a french shaper made this crazy board for us. SF Composite and Resoltech gave us the best materials to build this gun and the first test was amazing: 33,27 knots with only 35 knots of wind!!The whole team was working on the design and we had some really fun moments. Finding a good footstrap position was a nightmare! The final board is 5,50 m x 80 cm with a weight of only 11 kilo. Full of french carbon! We have 2 boxes for foil use - but that is a secret!!

Pics by Manu Morel