Q&A with Marco and Raoul


During our R&D work, we get plenty questions about everything and anything. A while ago we offered a Q&A session with Marco Lang and Raoul Joa in our Instagram stories. To not let those background information disappear in the depth of social media feeds, we here give a little wrap up on the most frequent topics.

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Here we go! Let's have a look at what you guys are most interested in:

Can you sponsor me?

That depends on how fast/crazy/stylish your windsurfing skills are :-)

Usually, the carreer of a professional windsurfer starts in cooperation with a windsurfing shop or school. We gladly connect you with our local partners around the globe to get things rolling.


What is the most important thing to train in the gym for slalom and foiling?

To go fast, you need to be stable and strong in your core!


Do you plan to produce membrane race sails?

Definitely no. In terms of weight, membrane is unbeatable. Unfortunately though, due to the super-thin film, membrane also has the highest stretch of all sail fabrics used today (except for Dacron being even softer:-). On a wave sail this is not such a big issue as these aren’t pure perfomance oriented designs plus you are dealing with a much smaller area. Race sails though, are pure performance machines. And therefore it’s no wonder that you don’t see any membrane race sails anymore on the PWA course.


What is the cross batten concept?

Well, that is simply the longest batten not running below and parallel to the boom but diagonally crossing the boom thus being called cross batten.


Can I use my Ezzy/Severne/XY/... mast with my DUOTONE sail?

At Duotone we use a Medium Constant Curve for our masts. As this curve sits right in the middle within Constant Curve masts it offers the biggest compatibility of any bend curve. This makes our masts and sails the most compatible on the market.

Here is how good other brand masts work with our sails and vice versa:

  1. Challenger Sails, Ezzy, GA (2017 on), Goya, Gun Sails, Hot Sails, KA Sails, Loft Sails, Naish Sails, RRD, S2Maui, Sailloft, Sailworks, Severne (2014 on): 80-90% (depending on model and size)

  2. NeilPryde, Point7, Simmer Style: 70-80% (depending on model and size)

  3. Avanti, Gaastra (until 2016), Maui Sails, Severne (until 2013), Vandal: not compatible

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a higher height ratio, e.g the one from NP?

I think you mean if we are going towards high aspect on the Warp_Foil. And the answer is yes, we are going towards high aspect maybe not as radical as NP but definitely higher aspect than our last years Warp_Foil.


Which sail sizes would you take to race minimum?

For the Upcoming season we will register the 8.9 WARP Foil as the biggest size. you can use the sail from 6-15 knots.


What happens if I take my 12.5 qm sail onto the foil? :)

It might work but it will feel heavy in the hands, and such a big sail will have some backhand. That makes it not very easy on the foil.


How many modified Warps do you test per year until a new edition is developed?

I would say around 10 sails or more. We test until we have the best competitive racing sail!


Where can I buy Duotone stickers?
> Here <

Our online shop delivers all those stylish Duotone fashion items, stickers and spareparts directly to your doorstep.


How loose can I trim my outhaul at the low end of the windrange?

Loose is not a problem, tight has a bigger effect because the sail is loosing the power and the draft position will move a lot!


Will the new 2021 Warp be totally different than the 2020 model?

We will start next week [~ mid January A/N] with the R&D, the goal is to get more on acceleration/ top speed and stability!


Whats the best thing about foiling?

You can windsurf in almost no wind without any noise. An incredible feeling.


Will there be an extra upwind/downwind race foil sail?

Reward for those of you, who actually read through the entire artcile: we have just decided to add an extra 8.9 m upwind/downwind foil sail to our range.






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