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Discover team duotone - Marion Mortefon

With her victory at the last PWA World Cup of 2019 in Noumea, New Caledonia, Marion has proven, that she is more than ready to step out of her brother’s shade and win her first World Title. But then during last year the French windsurfing Pro had to learn how to deal with the uncertainty and still be ready when competitions are finally happening. How does Marion keep focused and where is she training for the upcoming 2021 season?

You have just returned from a beautiful trip to St. Barths in the Caribbean. How did this come about and what was the aim for the trip?

Saint Barth is a tiny island - a really beautiful one! I wanted to escape a bit the cold winter, and that was the perfect timing. The conditions are ideal for foiling until medium slalom, between 10 to 20 knots with big swell. So really hard conditions to train, which helps, when you go back to easy spot. I was training there with my friend Delphine Cousin. On the water we are competitors and fight for each meter, but on land we are also really good friends. The plan was to sail as much as I can.

You came to Tenerife for the TWS Training. Why did you choose to go to Tenerife and how long do you stay there for? Do you have any other plans before the start of the season?

For 3 years now I have come to Tenerife for training and I like the place for some weeks, because the conditions are good, and you can really focus on training. Still 3 weeks are enough for me, as the conditions are always a bit the same. So, on February the 13th I came back to Marseille for foil training with the French team and in March slalom training with the French team in Tarifa.


You won the last PWA event in New Caledonia. Did you miss competing last year and how do you carry that momentum into the season when you don’t know when the next event will be?

Yes, I missed it a lot. After my victory in New Caledonia last year, I was really motivated and looking forward to coming back to the PWA World Cup - and win again. It was a complicated year from a psychological point of view. You never knew if the races would happen or not. But my focus was to fully enjoy my time on the water. That helps I think to be ready when the competitions are finally happening.

France was one of the few nations that managed to still hold some competitions last year. How did you find these competitions and were there any differences from normal competitions?

Yes, we were lucky! From September to beginning of November we had several competitions. It was a bit different, the first jibes, I was nervous. But I managed to win the French tour with 2 victories and a 3rd place in Leucate with a half foot ;-). So that was not bad and confirms my progression after Noumea last year.

Speaking of the PWA, they recently announced that there will be equal prize money for Men and Women in 2021. How do you think this will affect the women’s tour in the future?

I am really happy about this news. Now I hope we are going to have all the events that are planned! I think it is a good thing that finally in our sport we can say that the first girl will have the same prize money than the first man. Still, I do not expect that this will change drastically everything, but it has to start at some point.

In 2020, you opened a windsurfing school with your brother, Pierre, in your home spot in the South of France. Can you tell us more about this and your plans with the school in 2021?

I had this idea for a while, and this year with less competitions, it was the perfect timing to try it! It worked very well with some windsurfing and foiling lessons. We were moving to the best spot regarding the forecast and the level of the people. In 2021, we will have a fixed place on a beach, Port la Nouvelle, which is the same beach as for the famous Defi Wind. So the perfect place for slalom, foiling, kiting, winging even wave sailing sometimes! We will do also Wing and Kitesurfing lessons. Step by step it is getting bigger!


You have previously run some girls only windsurfing camps. Do you have plans to do this again in 2021? Why do you think it is important to have girls only camps?

Yes, I will continue to do it. Last year, once a week we had a girls’ afternoon. It was really nice with lot of girls of different ages. Super young and older, but only good vibes every time. I also did it in open water, so a lot of girls were super happy to sail safely with the offshore wind that they are not used to. Besides the girls only, I will do other camps, but I think it is super nice sometimes to do it, as it’s creating a really friendly atmosphere. The next one is planned before DEFI WIND 2021. Fingers crossed!

Aside from the windsurfing school, 2020 saw everyone have some downtime. What do you do when you are not training? What is your favourite series on Netflix?

When I am not training, I like to see my friends, I think in 2020 I took more time to do it as I was more at home. My favourite series right know is the “Handmaids Tales” - not a funny story but so true.

Did you find any new hobbies, activities or places in 2020?

Not really new hobbies, but I biked more as we could not go on the water for few months, and I really enjoyed it.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I don’t really have a plan in my head. Five years ago, I was still working as engineer in an office. Back then I could not have imagined that I will be a professional windsurfer and open a windsurfing school. But, I would like to find a good life balance, with working from my centre/beach place for the long season in France, and then going abroad and enjoying windsurfing life and so on in the winter... maybe with my kids J Could be a good plan?

Any further motto or statement you want to share with us?

Try to do what you love, as much as you can!

Pictures: Benjamin Boarez / photo_medano, Carter / PWA