Radium Team Series

Fabriqué en matériau Thermo Composite CURV - le matériau de composite le plus léger du marché. Élaboré en collaboration avec ION

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Item-no. 14200-4700

Radium Team Series

The revolutionary Thermo Composite CURV material is a totally new innovation in harness development and sets a new benchmark in design and performance. Featuring this latest development, the brand-new, RADIUM TEAM SERIES offers an outstandingly light yet incredibly robust harness construction. The 3D Plus spine and high outline were designed to support the rider exactly where needed most. You can always rely on the TEAM's choice, no matter if you feel like shredding some waves, pushing the limits of speed or just going freeriding. In endless hours on the water we created this harness together with our top wave riders and racers. The softer flex and high outline combined with Hyper_Foam provide loads of comfort. The fully-molded EVA and silicon print keep everything in place so you can focus on your riding.

Thermo Composite CURV
Lightest thermo moulded composite material on the market with strong Back support and flexible sideparts
Improved flex, twist and comfort
Makes sure your harness stays at the right place
Inside EVA
Internal EVA construction for optimised comfort