Harness Waist Kite Apex 8


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Item-no. 44220-4721
The Apex is the ideal harness for the rider who’s looking for flexibility combined with good solid back support. It’s a medium rigid harness with a flex index of 8. Flexible side panels and an internal flex belt allow for a great level of mobility. An EVA pad on the inside provides cushioning while the high outline and 3D_Plus spine reinforce the back support. Thanks to its partial CURV construction, non-water absorbent HD_Foam and the sleek Spectre Bar (kite hook included), this model is beautifully lightweight. The Curv_Flaps of the Spectre bar create a seamless and optimal force distribution throughout the harness.

The Apex comes in a groovy colour combination with an integrated Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0 and HPL_Slider.
C-BAR 2.0
The spreader C_Bar 2.0 comes with a stainless steel hook and easy-to-use tension lever system.
EVA on the inside prevents the harness from sliding up or rotating.
Partly moulded Curv composite material with strong back support and flexible side panels