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Benjamin May

The first ever GWA Wing Foil World Tour in Pozo/Gran Canaria took place in very challenging conditions with nuclear winds. Strong winds allowed for three different disciplines to be run over the course of six consecutive days.

Nia Suardiaz dominates the FreeFly-Slalom and Surf-Freestyle with big victories in epic conditions in Pozo Izquierdo! She never took her foot off the gas pushing to the end in every heat - well done Nia!

Also big shoutout to Benjamin May, who finished in fourth in the Surf-Freestyle discipline almost making his first podium!

And the first ever GWA Wing Foil Big Air World Champions were crowned with Mar De Arce in 1st, Nia Suadiaz in 2nd (also winning the Big Air Rocket!) and Benjamin May in 2nd!

Pics by GWA

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Gran Canaria 2023

Women’s FreeFly-Slalom

 Nia won 12 from 15 races to easily lift the crown. She was virtually untouchable and appeared to be cruising for much of the competition.

On the second day of the FreeFly-Slalom contest, in winds gusting up to 35 knots and Nia´s rival Flora Artzner took three elimination round wins and secured the second spot behind Nia.

1 Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
2 Flora Artzner (FRA)
3 Orane Ceris (FRA)

Free-Fly Slalom

Nia Suardiaz

Women’s Surf-Freestyle

In the Surf-Freestyle discipline Nia was similarly dominant even though the conditions were really difficult and most of the women fighting to hold their smallest 2m2 wings. Nia showed off with clean Back Flips, Toeside Frontside 3 and a Back Loop that gave her the win in the final against Oranen and takes the victory in a thrilling duel that keeps her world title hopes on track. The win was an emotional moment, meaning double victory in both disciplines!

1 Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
2 Orane Ceris (FRA)
3 Bowien van der Linden (NED)
4 Agata Blach (POL)

Men’s Surf-Freestyle

Benjamin May was on fire as well - he dispatched the current Surf-Freestyle world champion Malo Guénolé closely lost against Axel Gerard and finished 4th, which was so far his best result and sureley will motivate him for Fuerteventura!


1 Christopher MacDonald (USA)
2 Axel Gerard (FRA)
3 Alan Fedit (FRA)
4 Benjamin May (GER)
5. Jerome Cloetens (FRA)

Benjamin May

Benjamin May

GWA Wing Foil Big Air

World Champion 2023

The first ever GWA Wing Foil Big Air World Champions took place in cranking winds!

In the Women´s Big Air Nia Suardiaz and Mar De Arce Sanchez were had an incredibly tight final. Mar proved unstoppable in those challenging conditions, securing victory by a mere fraction of a point. She was rightfully crowned the GWA Wing Foil Big Air World Champion 2023, while Nia was the winner of the Big Air Rockets measuring the highest jump during the whole competition!

1. Mar De Arce Sánchez (ESP)
2. Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
3. Agata Blach (POL)

In the Men´s Big Air Benjamin May mad a big show, only closely finishing in 2nd behind the Italian Rattotti. This  was a big breakthrough for the young Bavarian and it was realy cool to see the whole community firing with him during the event!

1. Julien Rattotti (FRA)
2. Benjamin May (GER)
3. Titouan Galea (FRA)