GWA Youth Worlds La Palma

Nia Suardiaz was dominating!

GWA Youth Worlds La Palma

The established Wing Foiling star from Spain Nia Suardiaz was accompanied by a big group of Duotone and Fanatic Young Blood teammates at the GWA Youth Worlds.

All in all, thirty-five young athletes from nine nations around the globe travelled to La Palma with the hope of being crowned in the Surf-Freestyle and FreeFly-Slalom divisions in the U14, U16 or U19 age groups.

Pics by GWA


The FreeFly-Slalom battles opened and closed the action on days one and four of the competition. In the girls fleed Spain’s Nia Suardiaz was absolutely dominant. She was quick and consistent, winning all eight elimination rounds to take the Women’s U19 FreeFly-Slalom crown. The 16-year-old phenom had already bagged the Women’s U19 Surf-Freestyle title.

In thrilling battles to claim world titles, the French rider Mahe Thébault from Guadeloupe fought his way up onto the podium. France’s Axel Gerard took eight wins from eight rounds to land the Boys’ U16 FreeFly-Slalom title, seeing off challenges from his sparring partners and compatriots, Clément Hamon and Mahe Thébault.

In the U14 the older of the two Christahl brothers from North of Germany Hubert finished on a merit 5th place followed by Sam Rossmeier, the son of Mr. Tricksionary Michi Rossmeier.

Women’s U19 FreeFly-Slalom

1st Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
2nd Lily Buden (USA)
3rd Enoha Laurent (FRA)

Boys’ U16 FreeFly-Slalom

1st Axel Gerard (FRA)
2nd Clément Hamon (FRA)
3rd Mahe Thébault (FRA)

GWA Youth Worlds La Palma

GWA Youth Worlds La Palma


In the Women’s U19 Surf-Freestyle competition it was the same story as in FreeFly-Slalom with the same outcome. Suardiaz topped the podium, with Buden taking the second step and Laurent the third.

Women’s U19 Surf-Freestyle

1 Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
2 Lily Buden (USA)
3 Enoha Laurent (FRA)

Nia’s younger brother Leo Suardiaz drew attention with a great performance rewarding him with a 5th place in the highly competitive U16 boys field.

Our Duotone and Fanatic riders also glanced with promising results in the U19 division. With a 5th place the Austrian Aleks Acherer won the twins rival over his brother Tom, who finished in 9th place. Both were battled by their training mate Rocco Sotomayor, from Lago di Garda, Italy, who also ended up in 5th.

In the youngest group of boys U14 Hubert Christahl just missed the podium with a remarkable 4th place. He could position in front of Sam Rossmeier, who finished again in 5th place.

GWA Youth Worlds La Palma

GWA Youth Worlds La Palma

It is a true pleasure to watch this passionate young blood. They improve and perform as it was nothing.

With thrilling action of up-and-coming athletes, the GWA Youth Wingfoil World Championship has just set an exclamation mark for the future of Wing Foiling!

Big kudos to all our team! And a big THANKS to the parents, who make this possible!