Arthur Thebaut Cabo Verde

Young Blood @ the GWA World Cup Sal

We are stoked that our 14 year young Young Blood rider Arthur Thebault from Guadeloupe will be competing in the GWA wave event in Sal!

We caught up with the young talent to find out how he feels about it and how he prepared for this rather challenging contest starting this coming weekend.

It´s your second GWA contest in the waves! How do you feel about competing with all the pros in those challenging conditions?

"Yes, this marks my second participation in a GWA wave event. I first joined the fray last year right here in Cabo Verde. Competing alongside the professionals, especially under such demaning conditions, fills me with immense joy. It's an honor to measure my skills against those I've looked up to as idols in the sport - especially my team mates Wesley Brito and Clement Roseyro!

I luckily had the chance to train with our World Champion Wesley Brito during the Young Blood meets Pro Team Invitational Camp in Tarifa last autumn. He motivated me to train harder, focus on my goals, and strive for perfection. My commitment to progressing in Wing Foiling is big, and competitions like this are essential to grow and get better. Through them, I can elevate my skills, push forward, and hopefully inspire others along the way.

The waves here are very impressive and challenging, which only adds to the thrill. I'm beyond excited to be part of this event, sharing the stage with all those incredible riders. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and push my limits in a sport I love. I'm eager to embrace every moment of this experience and making my mark among the best in the world."

Arthur Thebaut Cabo Verde

»My passion for Wing Foiling runs deep; it's not just a sport to me, but a way of life. I strive to advance my skills and push the boundaries of what I can achieve on the water. Competitions play a crucial role in this journey of progression as I can test my limits, learn from the best in the field and refine my skills under the pressure of performance. An invaluable experiences to grow.«

— Arthur Thebauld
Arthur Thebault Cape Verde

Are you comfortable to wing in waves and how did you prepare for the event?

"I am pretty comfortable winging in waves. I grew up on Guadeloupe and there I already started surfing when I was very little. I have a deep passion for waves, whether it's with my surfboard and even better with my wing gear. Leading up to this event, I dedicated a significant portion of my winter in Guadeloupe to Wing Foiling in the waves. The conditions there have prepared me well for competing in Cape Verde now. For this event, my training has been focused and intense. I'm excited to bring all that I've learned and experienced in Guadeloupe to the competition, being able to showcase my love and dedication for the sport!"