Mala'e McElheny
Mala'e McElheny

Mala'e McElheny

This Young Blood from Oahu, Hawaii with a family history of watermen, was taught Wing Foiling at the tender age of 11.

USA / Hawaii

Wing Foiling since

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North Shore, Oahu

Keep a balance between sports, family & school ;-)

Mala’e McElheny’s dad and grandfather both come from a Windsurfing and Kiting background. His grandfather Larry was a designer and shaper for Fanatic in the 1980’s. Both his parents and grandpas taught him Surfing before he was even really swimming.

With so much board sports love in his genes other sports soon followed, like Skateboarding, SUP, Foiling and Kiteboarding. In 2019 Mala’e was taught to Wing Foil on Maui, when he was only eleven years old.

The timing to get into this new sport was perfect, as he had just started to do airs Foil Surfing and was building his experience using straps. The Wing has added an awesome feeling of flying high to the foil, which is what the young Hawaiian loves most about Wing Foiling.