Bobo Gallagher
Bobo Gallagher

Anderson "Bobo" Gallagher

Born in 2009 as Anderson Ellis Kainalu Gallagher “Bobo” is a true Young Blood in our Wing Foiling team.


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Kanaha, Maui

26-mile Molokai crossing on a SUP foil

The youngster from Maui started Foiling before Surfing, loves riding his SUP in the waves and got his first Wing Foiling lesson in the summer of 2019, when he had just turned 11. At this time Anderson “Bodo” Gallagher was already under the wing of the Duotone designer team Ken Winner and Sky Solbach. So, it came as no surprise that it only took one water session to get this energetic Young Blood hooked.

“Bobo” loves the freedom and speed of Wing Foiling with 5–6-foot waves and 20-25 knots being his favorite conditions. For his age, this US rider shows a very promising mindset and unbelievable power and height on his jumps - ready to tackle the future.