Porsche and Duotone are pumped to announce a new video competition: “Share your dream kite moment of 2022”! Join in, tell us about your personal very favourite moment that made your kite year and win a limited “Rebel SLS Porsche Edition”!

Porsche Challenge 3 SHARE YOUR DREAM KITE MOMENT OF 2022

In collaboration with Porsche, we would like to celebrate the year 2022 and the special moments it has granted us!

We are all united by the mutual stoke of unforgettable times spent on the water, yet everyone has dreams of different experiences, adventures, trips and sessions. Dreams are there to be lived, right? That’s why we are super curious to find out which of your dreams you made a reality in 2022 and what exactly was your very personal, most favourite and memorable moment.

SHARE YOUR DREAM KITE MOMENT OF 2022 with the Duotone community for the chance to win a REBEL SLS PORSCHE EDITION! After a deeper look into the legacy of Porsche motorsports, Duotone’s Creative Director Florian Panther has developed this unique LIMITED EDITION kite. Inspired by various vehicle-specific design elements, this exclusive version of the 2023 Rebel SLS features many distinctive details such as the iconic Porsche 911 model number, ventilation slots and typical Porsche V-forms. Plus, there will always only be 222 units worldwide!




1. Download the latest update of the DUOTONE KITEBOARDING ACADEMY APP.

2. Share your dream kite moment (picture or video) on Instagram, tagging it @duotone.kiteboarding and using the hashtag #PorscheChallenge.


3. Increase your chances of winning by sharing your dream moment also on THE STAGE in the Academy App.

Duration of the competition: 24.10. – 11.11.2022. Prize will be sent out in November 2022
By participating in this competition, you agree with the terms of use.

To gain a detailed insight into the 911 Rebel SLS Kite design and to get the lowdown on all things Porsche x Duotone, check out this interview with Florian Panther.