3 new features in in the Kite & Wing Academy App

Recommended equipment, Share button and Tips & Tricks

In our perpetual mission to make your kitesurfing and wingfoiling journey smoother, faster, safer, even more successful and ultimately more exciting, we’re stoked to just have added three brand-new features to both the KITE and Wing ACADEMY Apps!

Recommended Equipment
You were wondering about the ideal equipment set-up for that move you’re currently working on? Easy! From now on, you can find the recommended Duotone gear for every single trick in the App. Smooth sailing from here onwards folks, yew!

Tips & Tricks
Under “Home”, we added this section covering everything involving your equipment. Here you can find helpful information and tips regarding the correct assembling, maintenance, care and repair of your equipment, like for example how to change the chicken loop on your click bar, foil strap options on your wing foil board or what you can do to keep your gear in top condition for longer.

Share Tricks
Let your friends know which tricks you’re working on by sharing them via WhatsApp, Email, Instagram etc. and improve your “Leaderboard Ranking” through reward points by inviting friends to the App.