We've just added 17 new, super exciting intermediate to advanced wave moves to the Academy App featuring multiple World Champions Airton Cozzolino, James Carew and Matchu Lopes.

Learning from the best is without a doubt the quickest way to advance in any field. With an in-depth analysis of the correct riding technique, recommended prerequisite skills and ideal conditions to learn in, these freshly released video tutorials are exactly what you need to make the most of your next trip or the upcoming wave season at your local spot!

17 new wave tricks
CUTBACK Frontside

Cutback Frontside
This manoeuvre, which is a strategic version of a carve, takes the kitesurfer from the shoulder of the wave back to the pocket of the wave. Here, the kitesurfer’s objective is to slow down whilst repositioning themselves in the powerzone.

Floater Frontside
The Floater is a cool trick in which you literally “float” horizontally across whitewater or above a pitching lip before dropping back down and re-entering the open wave face, instead of going around the section. It’s a great choice of manoeuvre when there’s a long section that is about to break ahead of you. By doing a well-executed floater, you will get past a section faster and come out with more speed by going over it than by trying to get around it with a bottom turn

FLOATER Frontside
AERIAL Frontside

Aerial Frontside
A frontside Aerial (or simply just an “Air”) is a trick in which you launch off the lip of a wave into the air before landing again on the same wave continuing your ride (you could land on the top of the lip, the wall or out in the flats). Mastering the front side aerial is the foundation for more technical aerial manoeuvres such as an Aerial 360 or an Air Reverse.

Wave 360 Backside
The backside Wave 360 is a full 360 rotation on the face of a wave. It’s an awesome trick to spice things up in the waves when riding backside. In order to attempt this move, you should be confident with your bottom and top turns as well as with your kite control in down-the-line wave riding. Any proficiency in strapless freestyle, such as popping ollies etc. is of advantage as well.

WAVE 360 Backside

Closeout Re-entry Fins Free Backside
Taking a basic re-entry or “reo” to its radical progression entails breaking the fins out the back of the wave. In this manoeuvre, we do precisely that on a closeout section riding backside. In order to learn how to waft the fins of your board over a breaking lip, you must be able to nail a basic re-entry first.

Aerial 360 Frontside
The Aerial 360 is an aerial manoeuvre in which the kitesurfer takes off from the lip of the wave, then spins their body and the board in a full three-hundred-and-sixty-degree rotation in the air before landing again in the foam or at the base of the same wave. It’s a spectacular move for advanced riders only and requires a really high technical level and lots of practice. You will have to be patient to get the hang of this one! Crashing hard in the process will be part of it, but in the end, it’s the only way to learn!

AERIAL 360 Frontside