Maria Andrés



Maria Andrés

Coast of Cádiz, in Sancti-Petri


Sail No.



Date of birth?

Birthplace   ?
Cadiz, Spain

Currently living in?
My longest base during the year is in the Coast of Cádiz, in Sancti-Petri

Started Windsurfing?
I started when I was 9, in Cádiz Bay at the Windsurfing Club that my brothers founded by then. After, I started windsurfing more and more, competed in many raceboard disciplines and Formula, until I discovered wave sailing. Then I wanted to wave ride all day! Then I got injured, and I re-started sailing on freeride, then slalom… tried to compete in slalom, and realized how fun is slalom racing!

People you like to sail with?
I love sailing with my brothers and boyfriend (Emilio Galindo), they are amazing sailors and sailing with them is pure happiness. And my favorite friend to sail with is my good friend Lena Erdil. We are the best friends, but on our trainings we push a lot ourselves! Slalom is a hard game and we both know, so all is good and we have a lot of fun.

Favorite Spot?
For wave riding I really like Maui, but I also enjoy a lot Essaouira, Fuerteventura, the South of Portugal and the good days during the winter at home. In Caños de Meca with Poniente we had beautiful waves! For slalom, I love going to Ortakent where Lena lives, it’s really good for training. And I really liked Noumea! Really good 5,7 slalom winds!

Favorite food?
All fresh and healthy food! I love fruits, salad with orange and a good plate of lentils!

Favorite magazine?
SUPING Magazine, Watersports Magazine and Surf a Vela from Spain. And I like also Graphic Design or Arts Mags.

SUP, travelling, singing, painting and posters

I wish I could have a dog, but for the moment I am travelling too much. In the Future. I did have a goat and walked with her on the beach!


Maria Andrés


Maria Andrés


5th IFCA World Champ 2016



IFCA Vice World Champ 2015

7th PWA World Cup Ulsan 2015



4th Slalom PWA overall

4th Slalom PWA Worldcup Noumea

6th Wave PWA Maui Aloha Classic

5th PWA Turkmenistan, Slalom, 2014

3rd IFCA Worlds Açores, Slalom, 2014