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To all the Duotone Kiteboarding community who’s downloaded the APP so far, we hope it’s living up to all expectations and you’re cruising through the motions, ticking your goals off your list. 
Today, we’re stoked to announce that six new Strapless showstoppers have been added to the duotone Academy APP

Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy App Strapless Pro Voke 2019 Airton

1. Enter the world of un-hooked strapless tricks with the Backside 360. If you can already pop to blind and have the surface pass dialled in, then this one’s for you.

2. The Backroll Transition is slick aerial move for changing direction. With just the right of pop and momentum, you can add in a grab and style it out your way.

3. Do this well and you’ll be noticed. The Backroll Tack to Toeside is a smooth, tight carving move that will keep you upwind of the rest.

4. A trademark move from longboard surfing, the Hang Ten is a real crowd pleaser. Get powered up, let the kite carry you and give it a go

5. The Flip comes from the fundamental Kick Flip in Skateboarding. Bringing it to the water, it’s flatware fun in all its glory. 

6. Introducing the 313, the master move that will bring you all the fame. Airton admits he was inspired by twin tip tricks which he now brings to strapless. If unhooked and handle passes are already in your repertoire, this is where to go next.

Stay interactive with the community and upload your video. If you get voted for, you’ll earn a whopping extra 100 points.

Airton Cozzolino - Tell your story

He’s the pioneer of the strapless freestyle discipline but started on Twin Tips back in 2006. Airton learned by watching; movies by Aaron Hadlow, inspiring athletes and the styles that developed with Twin Tips. Allowing ideas come into his head he then applied it to directional boards and Strapless Freestyle was born. “The APP showcases, explains and inspires progression. It will change your kiteboarding experience forever.” - Airton

Airton Cozzolino - Tell your story