The VTS downhaul dots and the brand new VTS TAIL together result in the VTS COMPLETE - a complete, extremely easy-to-use trim system that visually displays the perfect tension of down- AND outhaul.


In 1997, DUOTONE introduced dots in the top of the sail using them as a visual indicator for the correct downhaul tension. The VISUAL TRIM SYSTEM was born. Today this groundbreaking innovation is used by most sail brands.


Already in 1997, DUOTONE product manager Raoul Joa had the idea of placing dots in the top of the sail and using them as a visual indicator for the correct downhaul tension. He called the concept VTS - VISUAL TRIM SYSTEM, because here, for the first time, everyone could see exactly the correct downhaul tension according to the wind pressure. 


With the Duotone Team inventing the Power.XT in 2004 the perfect trimming aid was added, which allows a precise adjustment of the downhaul tension - click by click! For many years the mayority of the PWA rider have used our Power.XT 2.0, which is the perfect proof of its priceless value for trimming.

Today downhaul dots are an industry standard

You find VTS Dots to indicate the perfect downhaul tension on all Duotone sails and most other sail brands. After all the correct luff tension is responsible for approx. 60% of the sail's performance. But how to precisely mobilize the remaining 40% and how to check if the trim really fits? The spectacular solution is called VTS TAIL!

Duotone_VTS Dots