Nia Family


You likely all know Nia Suardiaz, our 2023 GWA World Champion in FreeFly Slalom, Surf-Freestyle and Vice World Champion in Waves and Big-Air! At only 17 years of age, Nia is arguably the most successful female Wing Foiling athlete to date, and her career is just beginning. She won her first two Vice World Champion titles at the age of 15, shortly after learning to Wing Foil back in 2020.

In 2024, Nia again kicked off the season with some impressive GWA podium finishes: 1st place in Surf-Freestyle and FreeFly Slalom in Leucate, another 1st place in Surf-Freestyle in Tarifa and a 3rd place in Waves on Cape Verde!

But what about her family? Over the last two years, Nia has received a lot of support from them; without that, her success would not have been possible. Essentially, Nia's success is a project for the entire family.

Showcasing family fun: a true inspiration for others!

Filmed and edited by Javier Sánchez

Pics by Javier Sánchez & Samuel Cardenaz

Nia Leo

The Suardiaz-Münzinger family lives in Tarifa, just a few minutes from the water, with the Balneario spots and further north, Balnerio spots and Los Lances, always in view. So, the whole family is on the water almost every day.

All four family members share a passion for Wing Foiling, enabling them to enjoy this stunning sport together—both at their home in Tarifa and as they travel to contests and events. Nia’s younger brother Leo is also competing in some events. Living in Tarifa and surrounded by his Wing Foiling family, he’s basically immersed in the sport!

Nicole, Nia´s mom, moved from Munich/Germany to Tarifa about twenty years ago. Her Spanish husband (and Nia´s dad) Curro was crazy about Windsurfing back then and so was she. From when they were babies, Nia and her brother Leo spent a lot of time at the beach and in the water.

Nia Mug Shot Close Brazil

»I'm incredibly grateful for my family's support. When they introduced me to Wing Foiling, I never imagined competing at a world championship level so quickly. Achieving this would have been impossible without my mom and dad. And of course Beat, a really close friend of my parents and big support for me. My favorite wing buddy however is my brother Leo; we constantly challenge and motivate each other. Since Leo is also very competitive, training together helps us both improve. «

— Nia Suardiaz

After only two Wing Foiling lessons, Nia was allowed to go out alone and since then she has left many things aside because she loves Wing Foiling so much. Her riding skills improved rapidly and by late summer 2021 our Spanish Duotone Agency supported her with boards, foils, and wings. That´s when the rest of the Suardiaz-Münzinger family switched to Wing Foiling as well. Nia was so stoked with this incredible new sport and couldn´t stop talking about it, so they also had no chance but to learn more about it!

In 2023, Nia competed in 18 events worldwide! Since she was only 16 at the time, at least one family member accompanied her on her trips whenever work and school schedules permitted.

One highlight of 2023 was Brazil. The whole family came along for this unique moment for Nia being crowned Double World Champion for the year and they all enjoyed some great winging between the contests!  

Nia Family Brazil
Nicole Münzinger

»Nia’s success is truly a family project. We all support her in every possible way. My role primarily involves communicating with sponsors, agencies, partners, and organizing travel. Sometimes Nia travels alone, but often one or all of us join her. Above all, my main part is to be there for her as a mom—anytime!«

— Nicole Muenzinger
Leo Brazil

»I love Wing Foiling with my family. It´s so cool to share your passion with your family, having fun and spending time together.«

— Leo Suardiaz
Curro Brazil

»I was previously a teacher, so I naturally oversee Nia's homeschooling. Now, as a physiotherapist, I'm also able to assist with her training program, focusing on stretching and recovery techniques during competitions.«

— Curro Suardiaz