Young Blood Team

The Future is here!

Looking at the podiums from the recent GWA World Cups it is safe to say that Wing Foiling belongs to the Youngsters!

The 16-year-old series winner Nia Suardiaz and recently crowned Big Air Vice World Champion Benjamin May, also still a teenager, represent this young generation of champions. In addition to these two outstanding role models in the Duotone & Fanatic team, we are proud to support many more up and coming talents. Pursuing our goal to develop true personalities and future champions we were stoked to bring a line-up of twelve Young Blood Team riders to the GWA Youth Worlds. It is about time to show who they are and what tricks and abilities they already have in their pockets.


Tom & Aleks Acherer

Tomas Ackerer & Aleksander Acherer

Tom & Aleks Acherer - the twins from Austria. Born in 2007 they both started Wing Foiling on 21.09.2021 at Lake Garda together.

Wilhelm Christahl & Hubert Christahl

The German brothers Wilhelm and Hubert Christahl are 11 and 13 years old they and living in Kiel. This is also where you mostly find them on the water.

Hubert & Wilhelm Christahl

Mahe Arthur Eulalie Thébault

Mahé Thébault & Arthur Thébault

The French Cousins Mahé and Arthur Thébault both started Wing Foiling already early in 2020 on Guadeloupe, their domicile of choice. The younger sister Eulalie is sharing the same passion.


Cesar Filippi

Cesar Filippi lives in the Windsurf Mekka of Carro, France. The 17-year-old is at true watersports allrounder, who started Wing Foiling to expand his time on the water especially in high wind conditions.

Cesar Filippi

Sam Rossmeier

Sam Rossmeier

Sammy is the son of Mr. Trickionary Michi Rossmeier. He picked up Wing Foiling at the tender age of 8.

Manuel Morillo

Manueal Morillo is coming from the windy cost of Lanzarote. At the beginning he just wanted to prove his dad, that he could also do it, but then fell in love with the sensation of flying over the water.

Manuel Morillo

Leo Suardiaz

Leo Suardiaz Münzinger

Leo Suardiaz is the younger brother of Nia and also a dedicated Wing Foiling talent.

Rocco Sotomayor

The local from Torbole, Lago di Garda, brought up and supported by planet sports. His playful style is sticking out on the water, where you can find him almost every day after school.

Rocco Sotomayor


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