World Title Show Down at Hookipa. 

The big question is: Who is the most complete sailor? Remember: the last Maui events (until 2016) were won by Maui locals (Pritchard, Noireaux, Siver), who don't sail the entire PWA tour and therefore don't play a role in the overall title race. Furthermore, a break of three years might have brought up new riders.

On Maui the elimination ladders - especially the double eliminations - carry different names to the end. This massively changes the order we are all used to see at the events in Europe. The Aloha Classic is unpredictable, and anything can happen.

Let's talk straight. Köster (1st at the moment) is known for other things than starboard tack wave riding. This could leave room for DUOTONE team rider Victor Fernandez who is ranked second at the moment. He goes to Maui with every chance of winning his fourth wave title. The biggest threat would be Brawzinho (currently ranked 3rd) - one of the best sailors of Hookipa. With Stone (4th) being injured, Campello (5th) and Traversa (6th) have the chance to create their very own miracle. You never know...


Victor Fernandez:


"I feel in good shape, especially because Hookipa is one of my favourite spots. This type of waves is amazing. The locals on site sail very strong and know which waves to choose. During the last 6 years I have sailed a lot with them as I stayed here in the winter season. It's hard to tell who might take the win at Hookipa because everyone wants it. The level is super high, what I love, because it pushes me to throw down the best moneuvres. Happily starting from a second place in the PWA ranking, I only think of preparing mind, body and gear at best and giving everything. And then it will be like always: heat by heat by heat..."


Alessio Stillrich:

"I am looking forward a lot to the last world cup on Maui. It will be my first Aloha Classic - that makes it very special for me personally. Hookipa is such a nice and beautiful spot full of windsurfing history. It will be amazing to sail there with all the boys! We pray for good conditions. Let's get the show started!"

Adam Lewis:

"This will actually be my first Aloha Classic. I’m really excited just to be here and enjoy sailing in Hookipa, the conditions here are so different to pretty much anywhere else. I don’t have loads of experience here, if I pass a few rounds I’d honestly be really happy... in a way it’s kind of nice because at any port tack event I feel a lot more pressure and really want to fight for those podium places. So I'm just happy to be here and enjoy sailing and testing.

Looking to who can take the win here and also what it means for the overall title, for me, I think it kind of boils down to Víctor and Braw, as both those guys could easily win here and both have got better and better every year here, my outside chance would be Riccardo, freesailing he’s probably the rider that everyone want to sit on the railing and watch he always goes big but I think it depends on if he can put it together heat after heat... "


Serena Zoia:

"It's my second time on Maui. Last time, I've only sailed 4 or 5 sessions at Hookipa, due to the conditions. I am really looking forward to some training there, to get back into the Hawaiian groove. The local girls are ripping hard, I was really impressed! I remember the final days of the IWT Aloha Classic two years ago, with Tatiana Howard , Sarah Hauser and Maria Andrés (I think we can call Maria a Hookipa local ;-) )- They all looked so comfortable in those huge waves. I can't wait to see all the other PWA girls on the water. I know Sarah-Quita and Iballa will be absolutely killing it and Justyna is on fire, too! My personal goal this year is riding more radical in the turns and dare more in the insider section."


Whatever happens, it looks like Generation Y controls one more year on the PWA tour. If you don't know what we are talking about, check out this evaluation of PWA wave rankings over the years: WHY VICTOR.