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With the recent release of the Evo and Neo Concept Blue kites we speak with two key figures from Product Development Department at Duotone and at the forefront of innovation and environmental stewardship: Toni Destino and Malte Gesser. Our conversation focuses on the new Neo and Evo Concept Blue kites, which are combining top-notch performance with eco-friendly materials.

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Hi Toni, Tell us, what inspired the development of the Neo and Evo Concept Blue models?

Toni: The Neo and Evo Concept Blue models are our answer to the growing demand for sustainability in the kiteboarding world. We were inspired by the community's passion for preserving the natural playgrounds we all love. These models are a testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

Can you tell us more about the sustainable materials used in these kites?

Malte: In our journey towards sustainability, we've taken a meticulous approach in selecting materials for the Concept Blue kites. It all began with the Save Our Playgrounds campaign, which was a crucial starting point for us in reevaluating the materials we use. For these kites, we've made several significant changes. First, we've decided to eliminate all dye from the fabrics, both the canopy and Dacron. Dyeing not only uses harmful solvents but also requires extensive water usage for rinsing the fabrics. By removing this step, we significantly reduce the environmental impact..

»We've worked diligently to ensure these kites are equally durable and deliver the same high-level performance our riders expect«

— Toni Destino

Secondly, we've incorporated a bio-based bladder material, which, while not entirely made from bio-components, represents the most sustainable option available to us, with up to 57% bio-based content. This change alone offers about a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Lastly, we've focused on reducing waste in the injection moulding process, a significant source of waste in kite manufacturing. We're now recycling this waste right in our production facility to create further plastic parts, such as the discs for the valves or the Airport Valve cap, from recycled plastic. These recycled components are marked with the Save Our Playgrounds logo for easy identification.

Let's talk about the kites, from a performance standpoint, how do the Concept Blue models compare with the classic Neo or Evo?

Toni: There's no drop in performance or compromise when switching to the Concept Blue models from the classic Neo or Evo. We've worked diligently to ensure these kites are equally durable and deliver the same high-level performance our riders expect. Through rigorous testing and material innovation, we've ensured that the Neo and Evo Concept Blue kites match the performance of their traditional counterparts. Sustainability does not come at the cost of enjoyment or reliability.

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How have you altered the manufacturing process to enhance sustainability?

Toni: We've made significant changes in our manufacturing processes, focusing on reducing waste and energy consumption. For the Concept Blue kites, this includes more efficient material usage and incorporating renewable energy sources into our production facilities. It's all about making our kites more sustainable from start to finish.

Are there any cost implications for consumers with the shift towards more sustainable kites?

Toni: While sustainable materials and processes can be more expensive, we're committed to making our Concept Blue models accessible. We believe in the importance of sustainability and are working to balance cost with environmental benefits. Our aim is to offer competitive pricing without compromising on our sustainability goals.

What has been the consumer response to these new Concept Blue models?

Malte: The response to the Concept Blue models has been overwhelmingly positive. It's clear that our community values sustainability and is eager to support initiatives that protect our environment. We've seen a significant interest in these models, confirming that the demand for eco-friendly kiteboarding equipment is growing. 

How important is collaboration within the industry to achieve sustainability goals?

Malte: Collaboration is key to achieving significant progress in sustainability. We're in talks with other companies and organizations to establish new sustainability standards for kite manufacturing. By working together, we can create a bigger impact and drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.


What advice do you have for consumers looking to make more environmentally friendly choices in kiteboarding?

Malte: For those looking to make environmentally friendly choices, we recommend researching the sustainability efforts of brands and choosing products that align with your values. Supporting companies that prioritize the environment can drive the industry towards more sustainable practices. Together, we can make a difference.


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