Nia Suardiaz Dominates Season Opener with Double Victory

Current GWA World Champion Nia Suardiaz celebrates two wins in the 2024 GWA World Cup FreeFly-Slalom and Surf-Freestyle debut in Leucate! The most successful female rider of the GWA World Cup to date leaves no doubt that also in the 2024 season she will be the rider to beat for the growing field of female competitors.

In the men’s fleet 17-year-old Tomas Acherer set an exclamation mark with highest scores throughout his heats and a well-deserved 5th place in Surf-Freestyle. We are also happy to see Benjamin May compete again after his foot injury and give a shout out to the whole Duotone Team!



The new GWA Surf-Freestyle season kicked off with nuking, up to 50+ knots winds providing high adrenaline level for the riders. Eagerly expected, the competition again raised the bar with innovative tricks showcased by well-known names as well as new faces coming up.

Men's Surf-Freestyle

One of these upcoming standout riders was Tomas Acherer. Our Austrian Young Blood pulled off with highest scores and a winning streak all the way to the quarterfinals, where he dominated his heat. “Tom” was only stopped in the semis, securing himself an outstanding 5th place and his best World Cup result so far.

Women’s Surf-Freestyle

The women's final was decided between the two friends from Tarifa, Spain. Nia Suardiaz won with the first Backflip into a 360 combo ever landed by a woman in competition. Whereas Mar de Arce put on an incredible performance sticking a Raily to 360 combo and is definitely hot on Nia’s heels.

1 Nia Suardiaz (SPA/GER)
2 Mar de Arce (SPA)
3 Sofia Marchetti (ITA)



The revised FreeFly-Slalom format undoubtedly intensified the pressure on riders, as perfection in the initial four rounds didn’t guarantee victory through the challenging course featuring a triangle and freefly section.

Women's FreeFly-Slalom

Unfazed from these changes Nia Suradiaz once again illustrated her dominance in the final round and claimed her second win of the week also in the FreeFly-Slalom. The battle for second place was tightly contested between Belloeuvre and Mar de Arce, both pushing themselves to the limit. Even though Mar lost out this time, she was still delighted with her third place and second podium finish.

1 Nia Suardiaz (SPA/GER)
2 Kylie Belloeuvre (FRA)
3 Mar de Arce (SPA)

Men’s FreeFly Slalom

In the men’s field multiple Freestyle World Champion in Windsurfing Gollito Estredo proved his race skills by winning several heats and advanced to final elimination.

Amongst the top 13 riders was also our 15-years-old Young Blood from France, Tom Pansard, who could even decide one heat of the final elimination in his favor. This time, in the battle of generations experience edged out youth with Gollito Estredo finishing in 6th and Tom Pansard in 8th place, but we can’t wait to see what the future will provide.

Photocredit: GWA, Samuel Cardenas