Foils Tahiti

Introducing Our Revolutionary Foil Configurator

Discovering the perfect foil setup is essential for an optimal experience. Let our Duotone Foil Configurator guide you to the ideal match for your needs!


Finding the right foil setup for your needs is a significant challenge given the massive selection of foil parts available in our range. Which one is the right one for me and suits my skills? This question is not easy to answer. One thing is clear from the start: There are various shapes, ranging widely in price and quality. Our Foil Range might seem complex, yet it has been developed with logical coherence, and most importantly: there's a perfect foil setup available for every riding style and level. 


Duotone Wing & Foiling committed to covering the entire spectrum of foil disciplines. Now, there's something for everyone, and no desires are left unfulfilled.



Watch our Teaser and get an idea of how our Foil Configurator works!

Choose your preferred foiling discipline and set your personal settings such as skill level and rider weight. Then select the water conditions and average winds at your local spot. Finally use the style settings to define what you’re looking for: Are you seeking for progressive riding with speed, maneuverability and jumps or are you looking for glide, lift and an easy ride – the foil configurator will shuffle through hundreds of combinations of wing sets, fuselages and masts, which our R&D Team meticulously rated for each and every scenario – and present three options tailored to your needs.

1.    Select your foiling discipline, adjust your personal settings and preferred riding style.

2.    Identify the top three matches tailored to your needs.

3.    Evaluate and compare the customized suggestions and get all the relevant info’s about every part of your foil setup