Jerome Cloetens
Jerome Cloetens

Jerome Cloetens

Born in Belgium and raised in Tarifa, Spain, Jerome Cloetens truly loves the ocean, and the variety Wing Foiling has to offer.

Belgium / Spain

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Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain

Wing Foiling the gnarliest wave on Cape Verde

Jerome Cloetens grew up in the south of Spain, surfing from a really young age on. He was introduced to Kitesurfing by his father, a passionate windsurfer. Jerome already had a successful career as a professional Kiteboarder, when his dad suggested he try Wing Foiling.

Immediately Jerome got hooked, relishing in the endless possibilities that Wing Foiling offers, and debuted at the first GWA World Cup in his hometown, Tarifa in 2020. When he is not competing, this vegetarian world traveler enjoys the ocean to its full extent, diving with whales and campaigning for animal and climate protection.


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