Foil Spirit 90 GT 700




The Spirit GT 700 features an carbon front wing that has been designed to offer incredible top-end speed with low drag. This means it can get going in really light winds and hold lots of power too. The shape makes the wing incredibly stable, after all, what’s the point of going fast with no control. The back wing has been designed to improve the tracking of the foil through the water, there are wedges to help you dial in the amount of lift and foot pressure too. The new mast connection ensures the best connection for the mast into the top plate and fuselage. The connection is important to improve the transmission from your feet to the foil, giving you total control. The whole system is modular, and you can run different mast and wing configurations for various conditions. The entire set up has been designed with speed and stability in mind; the front wing gives high lift with low drag, meaning the top speed is only limited by your desire for adrenalin. Tacking and gybing the foil is easy for a wing of this design, the shape of the wing creates a stable platform. The Spirit GT 700 is perfect for riders looking to go fast and fly upwind. If you want to be out there in the lightest of breezes, ripping along at a breathtaking speed, then this is the foil for you!
Excelente velocidad punta
Con un diseño de free racing foil, te sorprenderá su alta velocidad y lo fácil que resulta controlarlo.
Control y estabilidad inigualables
Tanto en navegación inicial como en alta velocidad, siempre tendrás pleno control de todo.
Poca fricción para comenzar a practicar foiling con vientos suaves
El diseño del ala ofrece muy poca fricción para que navegues con la más ligera brisa.
Sistema Fusion Fit
Innovador sistema Fusion Fit para una conexión rígida a prueba de baches.
Ala frontal y trasera de carbono
Alas de carbono ultraligeras para el mejor rendimiento.
Cuñas para un ajuste perfecto del ala trasera
Gracias a las diferentes cuñas, el ángulo del ala trasera se puede ajustar en diferentes direcciones.
Foil Spirit 90 GT 700 - Unicolor
GT Front Wing
Carbon Back Wing
Mejor talla
655 mm
358 mm
Mejor talla
Cord Length
139 mm
74 mm
Mejor talla
700 sqcm
215 sqcm

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