Duotone EPX Range

We spend vast amounts of time testing and tuning our EPX Range. We bring every EPX hardware to the point where it will satisfy just about any user.

EPX.Base + Tendon - 260g

EPX.Base + Tendon

One-piece tendon base with central-screw for tool-less operation and repositioning within seconds

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EPX.XT - Unicolor


The EPX.XT comes at a very attractive price yet it's identical in design to what many brands sell as their high-end extension

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Mast EPX.25 - Unicolor

Mast EPX.25

The modern epoxy mast with 25% carbon content, which is also available as a slim RDM model.

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Mast EPX.AL_Grom - Unicolor

Mast EPX.AL_Grom

The first children’s and junior mast that grows along with the rider

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Boom EPX.Carbon - white-dark blue

Boom EPX.Carbon

Who says carbon booms are unaffordable?

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The aluminium boom with a universal bending curve for a very wide range of use

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EPX.Base + Powerjoint - 280g

EPX.Base + Powerjoint

The world’s most widely used mast base in surf centres

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Sail EPX - C17:black/pistaccio

Sail EPX

The universal freeride sail with a wide wind range for all kind of conditions

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EPX.Cup RDM - 200g


Useful plastic cup with 3 rollers, fitting directly into each RDM mast

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