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Whether it's for freeride, freestyle, waves, downwind, or lightwind, here you'll find the right wing for your needs. Use the Stylefinder to find the best wing for you.

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Wing Range Overview


Our Range Overview shows you the factors in which our Wings differ from each other. Whether it's Entry, Freeride, Freestyle, Wave, or Light Wind, here you can compare all the Wings at a glance to find the one that suits you best.


With our wing range, we distinguish between different wing designs for specific areas of use and riding styles. Additionally we offer these different models in alternative technologies. Our best-selling wing is the Unit and, with its special stability and balance, is designed primarily for riding in windswell and waves. The Slick is our freeride and freestyle wing, while the Ventis is specially designed for light winds. Use our Wing Finder to compare the different models.


There are different types of wings for Wing Foiling, which differ mainly in their size and design. There are wings that are designed for beginners and offer good stability and easy handling, while others are designed for advanced riders and offer higher performance and agility. In addition, there are different models with either 2 shorter handles, a longer boom or the possibility to attach both variants to one wing to adapt the wing to different conditions and rider preferences.

There are several parameters that play an important role in the design of a wing for Wing Foiling. These include the wingspan, surface area and profile of the wing, all of which influence the lift and control characteristics. In addition, aspects such as the material, the number of struts and the shape of the handles are also decisive for the overall performance and handling of the wing.

The choice between boom and handles often depends on personal preference, riding style and the respective conditions. Booms offer unlimited grip options and therefore slightly easier handling of the wing, which benefits not only beginners but also freestyle pros. Handles are often used when the rider is mainly riding in the waves, requires less flexible grip positions or prefers the simplicity of two handles.

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