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Larger and wider boards are well suited to beginners as they offer more stability and flotation and are ideal for relaxed cruising or learning the basics. Narrower boards with less volume and a more aggressive shape, on the other hand, are better suited to advanced riders as they offer better maneuverability and performance and are ideal for surfing or jumping. Hybrid boards often combine features of both types and offer versatility in different conditions and riding styles.


A board with a larger volume and a stable design is ideal for getting started with Wing Foiling. A board with sufficient flotation and stability makes it easier to stand and balance on the water and helps you learn the basics of Wing Foiling. It is important to choose a board that suits the rider's individual weight and experience. For beginners, the volume of the board should be at least 20-30 liters above your own body weight.


The different shapes of wingfoil boards are tailored to different riding styles and conditions. Boards with a compact, wider outline and a flatter rocker offer stability and flotation, making them ideal for beginners. Slimmer shapes with a more pronounced rocker improve maneuverability and performance, especially in waves or at higher speeds. Hybrid shapes often combine features from both to enable versatile use in different conditions. The choice of shape depends on personal preference, riding style and the prevailing conditions.

Inflatable boards are less expensive to manufacture and have advantages over rigid boards when it comes to transportation, as they can be packed away more compactly, which makes this design particularly attractive for large sizes such as our Sky Air and the Downwinder Air. They are as well less sensitive and absorb impacts on the board better. The solid composite boards are characterized by greater stability and rigidity and offer more options for different, high-quality construction methods.

While the shapes of the boards are identical in the same sizes and models, our SLS boards differ from the original boards through our SLS (Strong - Light - Superior) technology and the carbon PVC sandwich layup. This layup reduces the weight and improves the durability so that the boards can withstand the hardest landings. Depending on the area of use, we also offer some boards in only one technology, such as our Strider SLS, which stands for uncompromising performance in pump foiling with its high-density core.

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