Welcome to the Duotone Fin Spareparts! Here, you'll find all spareparts you need to enhance your kitesurfing experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, our Duotone Fin Spareparts are designed to deliver optimal performance and control on the water.


Fins TS-M Front with NQ Fins (SS15-onw) (4pcs)

149 €

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Fins TS-M Fins (SS15-onw) (3pcs)

116 €

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Screw Fin Set Surf 12mm/16mm (SS19-onw) (4pcs/8pcs)

5 €

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Finset Glass 15 (SS19-onw) (2pcs)

31 €

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Finset Carbon 30 (SS19-onw) (2pcs)

50 €

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