Jerome Cloetens’ initial feedback

We all know Jerome as a very professional and creative athlete in Wing Foiling, having his roots in Kiteboarding. Since his childhood you find the Spaniard, who originally comes from Belgium, but grew up in Tarifa, in the water almost every day. This lifestyle has resulted into a deep bond with the ocean and a strong desire to protect what he cherishes most: our nature.

As the founder of the Palau Project (– an app that helps protect the planet – Jerome has made it his life’s mission to tackle climate problems. At Duotone Wing Foiling, when we decided to launch our new Concept Blue range, starting with the Slick—our popular model dedicated to freeride and freestyle - it was a natural choice to involve Jerome in creating this eco-conscious version. This new Concept Blue line aims to reduce our environmental impact by deploying new materials like undyed canopy while ensuring that performance remains on par with our other products.

We caught up with Jerome to get his first resume about our new Slick Concept Blue and his thoughts on this path towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Hi Jerome, what were your first thoughts, when we told you about the Concept Blue approach and asked you to try out our Slick Concept Blue?

When you approached me with the idea of the Duotone Concept Blue line and its first wing product, I got incredibly excited. Nevertheless, I must admit, that before trying the new Slick Concept Blue for the very first time, I was a bit concerned about the performance.

However, from the very first session, I absolutely loved it.

Can you tell us about the requirements you have on your Wing Foiling gear?

As a professional water sports athlete, of course, the thing I care about the most is performance - especially when it comes to gear.

It is essential that I can rely on my wing gear - one hundred percent! It's that boundless confidence that enables me to win competitions, to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself to the limits, when I am trying something new.


What excites you about our Slick Concept Blue?

I am super proud of my sponsor Duotone for pushing and investing into an R&D to find new materials and new ways to reduce environmental impacts. At the same time all my concerns in regards of performance have dissolved into pure joy, every time I ride my Slick Concept Blue.

Of course, the different materials deployed into this wing like the undyed fabrics, the bio-based bladder and the recycled plastic parts are no complete game changer yet, but the first steps towards a more sustainable product.

Besides your dedication to Wing Foiling, you're deeply committed to environmental protection and even run your own company. What is that all about?

Thanks to Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling I am privileged to get to be out in the water almost every day and see nature thrive. Living so close to the beach and all these intense experiences in the water has fostered a deep connection to the ocean, along with a compelling sense that I need to protect it.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate my life to find new systems and new solutions with less environmental impact. That is basically the reason why I founded Palau project. To put it into a few simple words: You can use an app to scan your food products, which helps in protecting the planet. But of course, there is still a long way to go.


»From now on, I'll be using the Slick Concept Blue exclusively, and I hope to demonstrate to the world that it's possible to win competitions with such a sustainable product!«

— Jerome Cloetens

That sounds like a long-term project. What is your prospect for the near future?

My mission continues off and on the water. For Wing Foiling I am stoked that with the Concept Blue line, I can follow that path now together with Duotone.

We are very much looking forward to seeing what will be possible in the future. Good luck for your GWA season and thank you very much for your dedication and support in our Concept Blue approach.

Images by Samuel Cardenas


Jerome Cloetens about the Slick Concept Blue