We’re excited to release 13 additional freestyle and jumping  tricks to our Duotone Wing Foil Academy App. These moves will have you carving harder, spinning faster and jumping higher. One thing is for sure, these maneuvers will get you excited! Download them now and start practicing.


Duckjibe advanced heelside to toeside 

Take your duckjibes to the next level with the advanced version of the duckjibe! In contrast to the normal duckjibe the wing will turn with the leading edge pointing towards the water. Timing is crucial for this trick but when you get it right, you will love the flow of this move

Duckjibe advanced toeside to heelside 

Just like the heelside version, the advanced toeside duckjibe is a jibe variation that allows you to pick up speed and regain power in your wing right after changing direction

Backwind jibe

The backwind jibe is a fun variation to your regular jibe and will be useful for many upcoming freestyle moves. The main difference to the regular jibe is that you move your wing up and over to your upwind side before starting the jibe.

Extreme Carve 

Carving a turn is one of the simplest and best feeling movements in any board sport. The extreme carve will make your turn look even more radical and is slightly more technical than your normal carves

Wingflip Jibe 

The wingflip jibe is a fun maneuver and a progression of the duckjibe. Make sure you have your duckjibes on lock before attempting this move. In contrast to the regular duckjibe you will keep spinning your wing (540°) while going through the jibe

Upwind 360 Whipped 

The upwind 360 whipped is a fun carving maneuver. When reaching about 270° of your turn, whip the wing through the wind, following your turn into the new flying direction. The trick can even be taken to a jump later on when progressing through your freestyle moves

Extreme Carving 360

The extreme carve 360 is a stylish and radical looking move that is relatively easy to learn. Once you’re able to do regular or toeside extreme carves, the 360 will be the next carving maneuver to learn

Sitting Tack 

The sitting tack is the next step after managing to foil through your sitting jibes, it’s another fun and challenging move to progress your skills while sitting down on your board


One Foot Straight Air

The one foot air is an easy to learn and stylish jump that you shouldn’t miss in your bag of tricks. Before taking off, make sure to move your back foot slightly out of the strap to get the foot out easily when in the air. Get as much airtime as possible and pull your back foot out of the strap while on your way up. Stretch out your leg to the back to maximize the style factor

Slob Grab

The slob grab is a super stylish grab that allows you to really tweak out your air while grabbing the board

Crail Grab 

Another technical and stylish grab is the crail grab. To perform the crail grab, take off, bend your front knee and extend your back leg, grab the nose of your board with your backhand while holding the wing up above your head and release the grab before landing

Frontside 360 Melon Grab 

Adding grabs to your jumps will make them look even better and will add difficulty to any jump that you have on lock. The frontside 360 melon grab is a move that will show style and control of your win

Frontside 720

The frontside 720 is a radical looking move that will let you stand out among everyone else in the water. Before trying the 720 make sure you have a good height on your frontside 360 and on your push loops. Completing this move means you have reached the pro level

Number Trick points
1 Duckjibe advanced heelside to toeside 225
2 Duckjibe advanced toeside to heelside 225
3 Backwind jibe 275
4 Extreme Carve 325
5 Wingflip Jibe 350
6 Upwind 360 Whipped 375
7 Extreme Carving 360 425
8 Sitting Tack 475
9 One Foot Straight Air 450
10 Slob Grab 475
11 Crail Grab 475
12 Frontside 360 Melon Grab 550
13 Frontside 720 600

In case you ever feel stuck in your progression remember to contact our Super Coaches either via discussions or now also via direct message. Or upload your trick to the STAGE and get direct feedback from our quickly growing community. We have all been where you are and are happy to help your learning curve. Expand your repertoire now and learn how to wing like a Pro!