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Clean Beach Day 2021 Duotone Kiteboarding
Clean Beach Day 2021
The ocean is our playground, our racetrack and relaxation zone, our source of inspiration and thrill. We love it. Not only for the endless opportunities it offers in regard to watersports but also for [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Diversity Magazine
Diversity Magazine
For nearly two decades, we’ve designed, developed, traveled, researched, collaborated, made friends and gone kiteboarding as much as possible. We draw inspiration from the arts, from other cultures, [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_Staying fit with the Team
Staying Fit with the Team
Keeping fit is the best way to prevent injury, boost your immune system and ensure that you are ready to send it, when the time comes to get back out on the water.
Duotone Kiteboarding Out of the Box
Out of the Box
A new web series that will shed a little insight into the life of the Duotone family and friends. A true peak behind the scenes on some of the most exciting GKA World Tour stops.
IKA Surf reader awards 2019
IKSURFMAG reader awards 2019
The IKSURFMAG Readers Awards have been a regular feature of the kite industry since 2011; their nine-year history has seen them grow to become the most respected awards in the kitesurfing calendar.
Duotone Kiteboarding #TrueCommitment Tom Court
Capturing #truecommitment with Tom Court
#truecommitment, ’The Hard Road’ was filmed by Tom and featured his Father, Andrew Court. There’s always a story behind the people he features in his movies, so we wanted to know why a day spent [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Diamond Duo
Duotone’s Diamond Duo
It’s been a season long showdown on the GKA Freestyle World Tour. Seven stops hosted momentous events with the final battle taking place in the freestyle Mecca of Cumbuco, Brazil, where Mikaili Sol [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Aaron Hadlow Big Air
The name of the Big Air game
Big Air kiteboarding takes more than guts. Duotone Kiteboarding’s Aaron Hadlow, Lasse Walker, Reno Romeo, Lewis Crathern and Hannah Whitely all display extraordinary feats of athleticism and have [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Follow the Rio
Follow the Rio
Zea, Mitch and Rio are currently discovering the Northern Peruvian coast with their Mitsubishi Fuso camper truck and a range of Duotone Kiteboarding gear. Stopping off in Santa Marianita, Ecuador, [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Team Mikaili Sol
Mika’s Mindset of a Competitor
When the focus is predominantly on winning, the ability to become fully immersed in the moment is almost impossible. It seems that riding out the challenges becomes the greatest teacher. You're forced [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Casa cook partnership Duotone Pro Center Lagoon
Casa Cook Forms strategic partnership with wind & water sports giant Duotone
This October, Thomas Cook opens its latest Casa Cook hotel on the shores of Egypt’s Red Sea and has partnered with Duotone – one of the world’s leading wind and water sport suppliers – to offer a [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Colleen Carroll
Find your tribe with Colleen Carroll & Sensi Graves
International Team Rider and one of the world’s best will be joined by best friend and equally impressive, Sensi Graves, to host a female-only kiteboarding retreat in Dakhla, Morocco, this October.
Duotone Kiteboarding TWENTY Aaron Hadlow
Behind the scenes of TWENTY with Aaron Hadlow
Aaron Hadlow shares the process of filming for TWENTY, bringing his vision to life, trusting videographer Laci Kobulsky, why the UK is his favourite section and how he felt before the first premier.
Duotone Kitesurfing Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat
‘Kite Brothers’ by Val and Seb Garat
Sharing your passion with friends is one thing, but to live it with your brother is another. Introducing ‘Kite Brothers’ the story and journey to success for Val and Seb Garat. French kiteboarding [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding New Rail
The New Duotone Rail
Sessions in the slick are taken to great heights as the new Duotone rail is dropped into the butter flat waters at REAL Watersports, home of the legendary Triple S invitational. Read what Aaron [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding TRUE Magazine Aotearoa
Aotearoa - The trip of a lifetime
A chance encounter with two passionate kiteboarders from New Zealand, led the natives to invite us to visit their home, follow their lead and discover some of the most remote spots in the country only [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Click Bar Project Teta True Magazine
Project TETA
Imagine if you could compare kite models against each other based on figures, similar to a car-magazine test. Parameters such as steering pressure, lift, drag, depower-ability, turning speed and more [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Dice Range 2019 St Brandon
Behind the scenes of ‘Utopia in St Brandon’
The crew and riders behind the latest DUOTONE episode, ’Utopia in St Brandon’ share their experiences, lessons learned and what went on behind the scenes.
Duotone Kiteboarding TRUE Magazine Art Concept
What does Duotone mean to you?
For us, Duotone is associated with performance, passion, stoke, nature and authenticity. But Duotone as our brand name also gives a lot of room to interpret its meaning for yourself.
Duotone Kiteboarding Spirit Foil 2019
Ever wondered how it all works? Ken Winner tells us about aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, and how they’re applied when bringing our foil range to life.
Duotone Kiteboarding KNOTFUTURE En La Playa
En La Playa
Introducing the first episode of En La Playa, a series of the clips that never made it into La Buena Vida from the 2019 VEGAS shoot. Up first is Noe Font.
Created by Sky Solbach, Ken Winner and Max Panjak, the new Duotone SPIRIT foil range represents a unique and modular line of components that can all be used together in order to create the ultimate [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Spirit Foil Mono Jeremie Tronet
Team rider Jeremie, is a kite foiling addict and his home spot the ultimate foiling location. Read what he has to say about the new Duotone SPIRIT range, what makes it so versatile and why the MONO [...]
“Kiters really have an inside line on true happiness”
That smiles on your face after every session, the joy of spending a day with friends on the water, the stoke of every jump or wave - everyone knows that feeling. But why does kiteboarding evoke such [...]
James Carew and Seb Ribeiro revisit the magic in Cape Verde.
We catch up with James Carew and Seb Ribeiro to revisit the magic moments from the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour kick off in Cape Verde.
Artem Garashchenko reviews the 2019 JUICE
Team Rider, Artem Garashchenko, is all about shredding the powder in the mountains and styling it out on the water. His ticket to ride? The JUICE. Read why. "The JUICE has been developed for riders [...]
JUICE 2019 - A detailed design by Ralf Grösel
“In order to create the ultimate light wind construction for light wind conditions you have to look at the materials you’re using. I spent time sourcing the best materials possible and a full season [...]
'The Sum of 5' The Movie
“We are not here to sell you on a dream. A video filled with smoke and mirrors. The perfect day doesn’t exist. The perfect session, the perfect trip…moments of perfection are relative, intangible, [...]
#truecommitment with Tom Court
Tom Court shows in his last video clip, Windy Planet, his state of mind after having back to back knee surgeries and the pure motivation that kiteboarding has given him to overcome one of life biggest [...]
Hannah Whiteley is Changing Attitudes
Duotone Kiteboarding's Hannah Whiteley smashes the glass ceiling of female extreme big air kiteboarding in the Red Bull King of the Air 2019 Expression Session, Cape Town, South Africa.
Swell Season in Maui by Sky Solbach
As one of our first ever team riders, Sky Solbach moved to Maui and never looked back. Read what he has to say about the legendary swell season, how the conditions inspire his shaping and prototyping [...]
Behind 'La Buena Vida' scenes in Puerto Rico.
Kiteboarding has taken them on wild adventures to remote places as well as guided them on their quests to find new destinations, Puerto Rico was one of them. With ‘La Buena Vida,’ now available for [...]
Welcome to the Team Pippa van Iersel
Meet the newest member of the Duotone International team, Pippa van Iersel. Born with the urge to compete, she's got big plans for 2019 and the World Tour. Riding the Vegas and Team Series, we're [...]
Welcome to Duotone Val Garat
We love an injection of fresh talent and Val Garat is the latest to join our major lineup of team riders. Hailing from Montpelier, France, he’s passionate and fully committed to the Duotone family and [...]
The secret shoot
As you are all aware by now, Boards and More have just launched our new brand, Duotone. Continuing with the legendary line of products, designers, team riders and people that make the brand go round, [...]
The Transition
The only constant thing in life is change. The times, the conditions, every­thing is in motion. Only the destination stays the same; like our ambition to build the most innovative equipment for wind [...]
Entrevista a Till Eberle, director general de Boards & More GmbH
Es cierto: Boards & More dice adiós a North Kiteboarding y va a lanzar su propia marca Duotone en verano.