Matchu's new Pro Center Boa Vista

Whether you are looking to rent top-notch equipment during your holiday, try kitesurfing or wing foiling for the first time, or learn some cool new tricks, we've got you covered. We handpick each location for its stellar conditions and unique offerings. One of our newest locations is Boa Vista, the home spot of our kitesurf strapless legend, Matchu Lopes. Nestled in the heart of the Cape Verde archipelago, Boa Vista offers incredible azure waters, secluded beaches, impressive waves, stable winds, and a vibrant surf culture.


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Located just a 3.5-hour flight from Europe and a mere 10-minute drive from the international airport, the Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista is designed to surpass the expectations of all members of the crew. At this kite and wing foil school, you’ll find conditions suitable for a wide range of users. Rentals and lessons are available for beginners in kiting, winging, foiling, or surfing, with an ideal learning environment and a multi-lingual staff.


For the more experienced riders, world-class waves await. And don’t worry if you’re unsure about where to find the best conditions each day; our experienced kite instructors - or even Matchu Lopes during the winter months - can guide you to the best wave spots on the island. The Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista water sports school serves as the world champion’s part-time home, a testament to the exceptional conditions.

If you’re a traveler always on the lookout for the next hidden gem in kiteboarding, wing foiling, or surfing, the Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista is your ideal destination. Join us for a laid-back holiday where everyone can enjoy their daily dose of time on the water.


Cheat Sheet:

Getting there: Book your international flight to Aristides Pereira International Airport. Over 30 direct destinations are offered from Europe. From the airport, the DPC Boa Vista watersports center is just a 10-minute drive. 

Conditions: Trade winds blow consistently from December to April with an average of 20 kts. The center is open year-round and also enjoys good conditions outside the winter season.

Sports: Kitesurfing, Wingfoiling and Surfing.

Rentals & Lessons: Available for Kiteboarding, Wingfoiling, Surfing; IKO-certified instructors; Multiple languages are offered; Waterproof intercom devices for seamless communication on the water.

Amenities: The Morabeza complex, a charming tropical shack-style bar, and restaurant, invites you to indulge in delightful local cuisine and refreshing drinks while soaking in the beachfront ambiance from breakfast until after dinner. Gear storage is available 20 meters from the water.

Accommodation: Located only 15 minutes away from the center, Voi Praia de Chaves Resort. The beachside luxury resort offers a vast gastronomic experience, two freshwater pools, a spa and wellness center, and a variety of room styles available.