{"items":[{"uid":409,"title":"Duotone NOW 2020","short":"SMALLER-FRAME RIDERS \u2013 THE FIRST SAIL FULLY DEDICATED FOR SMALLER FRAME RIDERS","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/GjFyiSxSkc4","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/DTW20_Video_Now.jpeg"},{"uid":252,"title":"Duotone Hardware 2019","short":"INTEGRATED RIG TECHNOLOGY \u2013 THE PERFECT RIG\r\nDUOTONE offers much more than just sails. And because only a perfectly designed rig unit can provide maximum performance, all hardware components are of equal importance.\r\nWe are one of the very few manufacturers to develop all components ourselves, allowing decades of experience and expertise to flow into each and every one of our products.\r\nAll rig components are designed for functionality and performance, promoting real innovations and practical solutions. In addition, all parts are optimally matched with one another and make use of the best available technologies. All for the perfect rig \u2013 for TRUE WINDSURFING.","description":"ENGINEERED AND MADE IN GERMANY
\r\nWe are the only rig brand worldwide to continue manufacturing all of our booms and extensions in Germany (except for PLATINUM and EPX). In this manufacturing process, only raw materials that originate in Europe are used. In contrast to the \u201cmade in China\u201d label, this indicates the significantly higher financial costs of production. But in return, the \u201cmade in Germany\u201d label guarantees you an unparalleled standard of quality and the peace of mind that the environmental impact has been
\r\nkept as low as possible.","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/4x8n-6i44Xo","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/DTW19_Video_Hardware_2.jpg"},{"uid":75,"title":"Duotone F.Type & Warp.Foil 2019","short":"\u201cTHE F_TYPE SAIL MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO LEARN TO FOIL SURF. I ONLY WISH I HAD HAD SOMETHING LIKE THIS MYSELF BACK IN THE DAY. ON TOP IT'S THE IDEAL COMPANION FOR SUP-FOILING, THE LATEST TREND ON MAUI WHEN WE JUST TRY TO GET ONTO THE FOIL AS QUICKLY\r\nAS POSSIBLE WITH THE SUP.\u201d S K Y S O L B A C H","description":"The latest trend is in foil surfing, which opens up a whole range of possibilities. Never before has it been possible to set into motion or ride the waves this quickly with so little wind. To get you started as quickly and as easily as possible, and to make sure the fun never ends while on the water, DUOTONE has introduced the new F_TYPE \u2013 the ideal sail for silently hovering over the water.","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/5xLQiRC3On4","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/DTW19_Video_F_Type.jpg"},{"uid":74,"title":"Duotone Warp 20.19","short":"THE LEAST PHYSICAL YET MOST COMPETITIVE SLALOM SAIL OUT THERE.\r\n\u201cTHE WARP 20.19 SLALOM SAIL IS QUICKER TO SET UP, SAVES MORE ENERGY AND IS YET MORE COMPETITIVE THAN ANY OTHER THAT I\u2019VE EVER SAILED BEFORE!\u201d P I E R R E M O R T E F O N","description":"The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. It was our first racing sail with a completely new, revolutionary profile concept called the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN. With extreme propulsion, boundless speed and a design intended for victory with no compromises, this is quite simply the ultimate World Cup racing sail. Thanks to the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, the WARP 20.19 also possesses greater planing power and acceleration after start and gybe compared to other sails, without requiring more strength on the part of the rider. This gives riders greater strength reserves over the entire racecourse and allows
\r\nthem to concentrate on manoeuvring and tactics. Combined with the unrivalled effortless camber rotation, this makes the WARP 20.19 the first choice for more than just World Cup riders.","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/qw5kH7n8io4","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/DTW19_Video_Warp.jpg"}],"next":"\/windsurfing\/more\/about-us\/videos\/videos.json?category=25&offset=8&cHash=142851dc4477524042d2691a4ecd55e9&tx_videooverview_videooverview[action]=json","count":15}