Uli Bitterolf



Uli Bitterolf

Kempten, Allgäu, Germany

Windsurfing Since

Position at Duotone
Hardware Engineer


When and how did you get into your position?

Your job is what many people would dream of.
What are your personal highlights and what are the biggest challenges?

The job is really a dream. To develop products with the feedback from the Duotone R&D Team, Teamriders, Windsurfers and then later see that the people use the products and are satisfied with it makes me look forward to any Monday.

My personal highlight was to get the opportunity to develop the first PowerXT completely new and come up with the actual PowerXT 2.0. Other companies would had finished the PowerXT with the existing problems. Duotone believed in me and gave me a second chance.  

How did you start into the new Era of Duotone?
It´s really funny how a name changes your mind. With Duotone I feel fresh, modern and cool.

Passion and Hobbies?
Christian, Wave and Slalom Windsurfing, Surfing, Road- and Mountainbike

What motivates you every day?
To work and design products for my favorite sport with the market leader - I don`t need any motivation pills!

Your Philosophy of life?
With passion – all is possible


Uli Bitterolf