Welcome to team duotone


We welcome the German Freestyle Champion NICLAS NEBELUNG G-584 to the DUOTONE and Fanatic International Team.

After one year in the German Team the 23-year-old freestyler has proven, that he is ready for more... Niclas chose Kiel as his homebase for his studies AND for a maximum time on the water!

Meet the young programming windsurfing pro for an interview.



Where have you been growing up and how did you become a windsurfing pro living in Kiel?
I grew up near Düsseldorf, Germany, which is apart from the river Rhine quite far from the sea. In 2007, I started windsurfing at the age of 10.  My brother Lucas and I obviously did not have a driver’s license back then, so our parents more or less voluntarily had to take us to the Netherlands. So, most of our weekends we spent in our camper windsurfing mostly at the coast near Brouwersdam. After finishing high school in 2016 I decided to move to Kiel, Northern Germany. Kiel offers superb windsurfing conditions on a regular basis and the community is huge. Couldn’t wish for more.  


When did you realize that you are hooked on windsurfing? Was there a specific moment? 
I got hooked on windsurfing when I first got planing. It is an amazing feeling that I never want to miss again. I got addicted to freestyle in 2010. In spring of that year we flew to Bonaire (Caribbean). This was the time I first saw freestyle windsurfing. Kiri, Tonky, Taty showed delivered breathtaking moves. It seemed to me that windsurfing does not have any limitations and besides that it looked amazing.

Is there a place abroad you feel like home?
During summer I always spent a few weeks in Risco del Paso (Fuerteventura). I know quite a lot of people there.

Do you have a special rigging manner?
Even though I am not that tall I am using quite long harness lines: 33" harness lines, being 183cm. Through the long harness lines the sail is more upright and it can deliver more performance. In terms of planing ability, it makes a big performance improve.

You are studying Computer Science, right? Are you the only programming windsurf pro on earth? What do your fellow students think about your windsurf life?
I am studying business information systems. In my opinion IT-business is one of the best fields to work in as a windsurfer because you are often able to work remotely. Therefore, I would recommend more windsurfers to start a career in IT. To be honest I tend to not tell my fellow students too much about my windsurfing life. Whenever someone asks me about it though I am happy to share my passion. 

What is your signature manoeuvre?

Probably the Double Air Culo.


Who is the kindest person you know?

My mother and my dad are angels. Nobody compares to them.


Is there something you always wanted to learn, but never quite had the time?

I want to learn wing surfing and proper windsurf-foiling. Both are on my bucket list for 2021. 


What has been your last completely useless purchase?
I bought what I thought was ready to eat cookie dough. Unfortunately, it was just the dry ingredients and dessert was cancelled for the day. What a disappointment when you already have your spoon ready to dig in.

What is your weirdest eating habit?
It can happen that I eat Dürüm Döner four times a week.

Thank you Niclas! We are really looking forward to watch your moves evolve!

Credits: Valentin Böckler




"Life is a game, windsurfing the name"