Duotone_2022_SUPER_STAR SLS








For the last month we’ve been keeping a big secret and we are excited that we can finally share the rest of the Duotone 2022 wave collection with you.

You’ve met the stalwarts, the one’s you were expecting, but we also have some new faces in the line-up. These are the sails for the ultimate windsurfing enthusiasts, like ourselves, incorporating the latest, ultra-light sail design technology – MEET THE DUOTONE WAVE SPECIALS!



Duotone_2022 SUPER_STAR SLS


    S T R O N G  |  L I G H T  |  S U P E R I O R 

    We asked ourselves the question, “What if you ignored all limitations and pushed all technical possibilities to the limit, how far can we go? What would be the result?” The result is called SLS and is the new high-end line from DUOTONE, and the SUPER_STAR SLS is the first sail incorporating this new philosophy. By introducing a new CarbonX-Ply we were able to reduce the layers in the construction, as well as through clearing the optics, we made significant weight savings. Never has a DUOTONE wave sail been so light with such resilience and durability.

    What’s new?

    Through embodying the SLS philosophy we have stripped this sail to the max, leaving only the very essentials. At only 2.5 kg (size 4.2), the new SLS is as light as a membrane construction, without its enormous disadvantages in terms of durability and “sponginess” profile stability. To make this possible, we have analysed every single detail, no matter how small, and developed numerous optimisations. With a new CarbonXPly Sandwich, one piece mast sleeve and removal of unnecessary graphics, the SLS delivers maximum performance and mega handling.


    Duotone 2022 SUPER_HERO M+


      W A V E   U L T R A L I G H T

      The new SUPER_HERO M+ 2.0 is not only on the scales the lightest wave sail that we have ever built, but it also feels extremely light in your hands. Inspired by the World Title winning SUPER_HERO, the SUPER_HERO M+ 2.0 is a limited-edition sail made with an ultra-light high-tech membrane construction. Compared to its predecessor, the latest version has been given a modified profile and barely visible but very effective reinforcements in the sail body. Both measures clearly show effect and give the new SUPER_HERO M+ 2.0a far more direct and even lighter feel!

      What’s different in the m+ edition?

      The M+ is an ultra-light high-tech membrane construction. With the DUOTONE membrane, a predefined computer simulated plotter lays Dyneema fibres exactly in the force directions on top of the first film layer. The top layer is then applied and compacted in a vacuum process before the adhesive is activated under heat. Two of the four batten pockets are directly laminated into the body during this process. The result is a 20% (= 400 g) lighter high-end SUPER_HERO, whose lower weight is especially noticeable during manoeuvres and handling. The membrane gives the sail a more pleasantly elastic feel and thus improved power development, particularly in the underpowered wind range.