TEAM PIX  -  2019  

our favourite pictures of 2019


That's (almost) it for 2019! What a great year of windsurfing action with the second Duotone range hitting the water.


What is your favourite picture of 2019? We asked a bunch of team riders and brand ambassadors to pick this years favourite picture and tell us why it makes them smile. Some of them might be surprising, others quite obvious. Scroll down to discover special memories of Team Duotone.




Because it’s just the moment when I cross the finish line and I realize that I am

world champion!

Pierre Mortefon (F-14), Slalom World Champion 2019






It was at the end of February in Ponta Preta, which is on my top 3 favorite waves in the world.

Sunset session with just a few friends, perfect logo to mast high set waves.

Loving my favorite gear combo, Super Hero 5.0 & Grip 89.


I can not ask for more, this is what windsurfing makes me dream off.


Victor Fernandez, you know him anyway




This photo shows the moment when I realised I had just won the 4th heat in a row in the women's competition. It was the first time in my life, that I sailed at Pozo with only two persons on the water! You sail towards a crowded beach with heaps of spectators and all your friends are freaking out and cheering at you...

Incredible that I won those four heats and got that 5th place in the adults division!


Alexia Kiefer Quintana (14), G-59







This is my favourite photo because I landed a one-handed backloop in the expression session at the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival.

It was my favourite jump at the time.


Carlos Kiefer Quintana (12), E-242


My first shifty on a wave board -  happened in a PWA wave heat!

I love it even more, because the were no waves that day and I passed my heat only due to that manoeuvre.



Gollito Estredo (V-10), 9-times freestyle world champion, overcoming boundaries and mixing disciplines


It’s not so original, a podium :-)

But not a normal podium for me, it's a victory at the World Cup Final! 

For what I’m training, dreaming and thinking of all year long! 

A happy and unbelievable moment in front of all those passionate people from New Caledonia!


Marion Mortefon (FRA-118), enthusiastic and happy



This is my favourite picture,

because it shows the power of nature in our sport.


Alexander Hasch, Head of Marketing and Sales




It was a sunday morning 2 weeks ago.

The Weather was Very cold and windy, But everyone was motivated and listening to my instructions before going out.


Adrien Bosson - PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle 2018 - keeps his feet on the ground and loves passing the windsurfing fire to the next generation



This picture was taken in our favorite local spot, Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario, a windsurfing location that never ceases to amaze us for how beautiful it is and how fun the conditions are! No one really believes there can be good wavesailing on lakes but we've experienced it over and over. Sure it can get a bit cold as the windy season is in the fall, but it makes the whole experience. This picture is special to us because we spent a lot of 2019 travelling to awesome international windsurfing locations and getting great conditions, but it's also made us realize how much we appreciate our local spots, and this one in particular!

Tom and Amandine, Ocean Lovers

Duotone Windsurfing Teampix Ocean Lovers Tom and Amandine



This picture of Maria and Klaas is the Duotone shot of 2019 for me:

First of all I love the colors!  …and it catches a very powerful, unique moment.


Even more important, it brings together the two dimensions of Windsurfing Water and Air, Ying & Yang,

Women and Men and therefore stands for duality principle of life - like Duotone!


 Katharina Himmler, Marketing Manager and Olympic Snowboarder 2002/2006





I had a great day (off) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, sailing with friends this fall! 


Warm, windy, good.


Andy Brandt, Windsurf Guru and Tricktionary Coach




Cristal clear water, constant winds, boards shorts and strong winds for 7,7!

Tongue out :-)

A dream for every Windsurfer.

My favorite Picture 2019 from Soma Bay Egypt.

Vincent Langer, GER112



The entire team duotone wishes you a

happy and windy new year!