Tea time with Adam Lewis





Over 10 years now, the PWA wave tour is dominated by the same faces. Fernandez, Köster, Campello, Browne, Traversa and Mussolini form a magic brick at the top end of the ranking. Adam Lewis K516 already managed twice to break that wall. This season he sailed better than ever before and got even rewarded with a sensational podium place on Tenerife. Time to find out what he thinks about his success!


Hi ADAM LEWIS - How's life?  Where are you living at the moment?

Yeah great thanks. Just back from 2 months on the road with Sylt then the Tiree wave Classic, after that I went even further north to the Isle of Lewis then I had a bit of a mad rush back down to Cornwall for the last stop on our UK BWA tour. I live in Porthtowan, it’s a small coastal village in Cornwall. Its probably one of the best and most consistent beach breaks in the UK. Its about 15 minutes from Gwithian too which is where the last Storm Chase was held. Probably within an hour of home are some of the best wavesailing spots the UK has to offer, I love it.


Where is your home spot?

Guess it would have to be Porthtowan or Gwithian.

So how was the Isle of Lewis?

It’s a pretty wild place. I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while and being so close after Tiree I couldn’t help my self… I’ll be going back for sure, feel like there is unfinished business there now.

So whats the deal with the Knee?

Its all fine, just a minor ligament tear in my MCL. I think I’m out of the water for about 4 weeks but shouldn’t be more. I miss-timed a section and got caught out. It was a pretty nuts day up in Lewis. Over mast in the sets and 3.7 weather… I got frustrated and tried to force something, lesson learnt there!

How was your BWA season?

Great, the UK tour is awesome; full of really keen guys and girls, the enthusiasm at the events is contagious. I’d seriously recommend it to anyone in the UK thinking about having a go. We also have rollover weekends at the events so if there isn’t wind for the first weekend it goes onto the next weekend. This year we had 4 events all with complete double eliminations.  The Pro fleet is really competitive so to win for the second year in a row is something I’m really happy about.

What expectations did you have before the start of the 2018 PWA wave season and how did it all turn out for you?

Good question, after last year finishing 5th overall, I came into this year feeling a lot of pressure to be honest. I guess I felt as though I had to prove that I deserved the place and it wasn’t somehow a fluke. I felt pretty nervous in Pozo especially with how good everyone is on tour.  After Pozo I felt a little more relaxed so it seemed to flow a little better from there.

You turned 30 this year and sailing better than ever. How comes that we didn’t see you on the podium before?

Not sure I felt like I had the potential to make a podium especially in Tenerife but I guess it just took a little bit of time.  I feel like a lot of things have to go your way Feeling comfy on the gear is important and also feeling mentally relaxed, I used to feel really stressed before heats, I’ve got better over the years so that helps a lot too.

Who of the young rippers is most likely able to break into that magic Top 10 in the wave tour?

Literally any of them could break into it next year. Looking really into the future, I think our Now riders, Alexia, Carlos and Tobias are the ones to watch.

When you were a child, what did you want to become?

Before I started windsurfing I wanted to become a marine biologist but once I started windsurfing that just kind of took over and I’ve never looked back

What do you love / hate most about being on the PWA tour?

I love the people, the sailing and how its pushes you to improve. There is a kinda sense of family between everyone on tour and I really like that. I guess I do miss being at home and that you have to sacrifice or miss a lot of important things at home. But I do really love that 80% of the time you´re free to do what you love and that is something that you cant put a price on

What’s your favourite jump and wave move?

Probably a double forward would be my fav jump. Wave move, well it’s not really a move but for me you simply can’t beat a deep bottom turn into a full rail blow tail… its timeless

Which move are you training at the moment?

Top secret, if I tell you I’ll have to kill you haha

Are you exited for the possible Red Bull Storm Chase?

Yeah, really excited. Those big storm days are exactly what you look forward too growing up in the UK, maybe a bit nervous too… I think this is the year for sure!

What are your plans for the winter?

Well last year I went to West Aus but I think this year could be Chile and then Tenerife perhaps. Was planning to head to Maui next week but will hang fire now and see how the knee goes

What are your favourite conditions / equipment setup?

I guess my dream day would be logo to mast, 4.5 weather. Peeling left hander, mostly riding with a light sprinkling of jumping.

Which places on the world are on your bucket list?

Too many to mention! But next on the list I think is going to be New Zealand, looks epic.

Do you have other hobbies than windsurfing?

Surfing, Free diving/fishing and some Mountain biking, I haven’t got the biggest attention span so its nice to keep moving


Why “K516”?

Easy, it was the number I was given when I joined the UKWA. Sorry that’s not really very exciting.. Probably I’d choose K88 if I could.


Thanks for your time, Adam!

We wish you a fast healing knee and good fun in the winter training :-)